questions about a campaign submitted to LeadImpact

hi all,
just have a few questions regarding a campaign I submitted to leadimpact…

here’re the screenshots of the setup in p202, affexpert and leadimpact:
(really had difficulty uploading images here; so have to put 3rd party link here)

my questions are:
1) in the first screenshot, did I get it right by using &s2=%keyword%? How would I know it should be like this, or &s2=[keyword] or any other form? I had a look at leadimpact’s official site and didn’t find any particular instruction regarding this…

2) in the second screenshot, p202 doesn’t have a dedicated section for ppv so it requires me to type some text there. I just put some dummy text there, I guess it should be ok?

3) the third screenshot was from affexpert and there’re some URLs ending " rel="nofollow, are they ok? should I delete the " rel="nofollow part?

any help would be appreciated,

User Comment:
1) i use =[[subid]] on p202. and =%keyword% on leadimpact.
2) i simple skip the text ads setting step (i use direct linking)
3) remove rel="nofollow" should be fine.

User Comment:
that’s where I’m a bit confused……ll=1#post15425 ?

should the affiliate link on p202 and leadimpact be the same or different?

User Comment:
On p202 you enter the url of the offer.

Then P202 generates a link you should put on LeadImpact.

Their official videos show the whole process in detail.

The Article Published IN 07-16-2011 10:19 AM

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