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Hey guys.
So, I’m pretty damn wet behind the ears, but since signing up 3 weeks ago to STM I’ve learned more than I have in the six months of arbing around the net.

My big question (which has stopped me from applying to most Affiliate Networks) is about Tax forms, and I was hoping you guys might be able to point me in the right direction (The jargon has fried my brain)

I’m from South Africa, but I’m currently staying in the USA on a holiday B1 visa for one year. I’m assuming I’ll still just file as a South African/foreigner, but I really struggle to understand the wording when selecting one of the four tax forms when applying to Aff networks.

also, on that vein, can anybody help me out with what to do when I’m asked for a Tax ID? obviously I’m not trying to avoid paying taxes, I just don’t know how to handle these.

I apologize if this is an obvious question, I tried hitting the Search a few times but didn’t come up too strongly.

User Comment:
You can sign up as a foreign tax id if you still have an address available in South Africa.
Just hit up the network owner and explain your situation.

User Comment:
if the affiliate networks are giving you a hard time, get an affiliate to refer you in instead of applying naked. I never understood why so many people have problems getting into CPA networks, lol

The Article Published IN 07-12-2011 05:29 PM

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