Quick Question For When a Winner is Found

Let’s say you launch 500 ads, and after the first 20 or so start seeing traffic you see a clear winner. Do you instantly pause all the other ones and let that one get a bunch of traffic, or do you spread your budget that could be ‘making you cash’ out to the other ads to see if they do better?

thanks in advance

User Comment:
definitely test all the ads until a significant point (maybe 20 clicks or 10k impressions on FB for example). Lets say after the 1st 20 you see an ad with a .15% CTR but in the other 480 there is a .3% and a .4%…it’d be a huge shame to toss those away!

BTW I don’t recommend testing 500 ads all at one time unless you’ve got a very large testing budget.

The Article Published IN 07-12-2011 04:31 AM

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