Quick thanks to Jordan the Stackman!

I want to thank you ,and other foum members, for your valuable information you share here. I learned alot in a short time!

Your Daily Deals Guide has helped me to make my first brake trough in IM. Thanks to that guide i make around $150 profit a day on daily deals only, which is still pretty low – i know guys doing much bigger profits a day with daily deals, anyway it has payed my forum membership back many times over!

Guys use this valuable information on the forums and use it on your campaigns, don’t give up after a few campaigns, if you know other guys are making money with a offer, you can too! Keep holding on and it will pay off.

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That is awesome, Marco! Congratulations with your results!

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nicely done

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Awesome Marco!
Daily deals are really ‘the offer’ right now.
I know you did even bigger profits yesterday as well

User Comment:
Thanks guys.

Yes Jordan, i have hit my first $500 profit day

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Great job Marco! Keep it up! Next stop, $1,000.00/profit day.

User Comment:
Wow $500 profit!

I need to keep up with you and Richard man! Good job!

The Article Published IN 03-21-2011 05:57 PM

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