Quick way to see offers for other Countries?

Im sure I read somewhere on here of an easy way to view offers on networks that are Country specific.

In other words how do I quickly see an offer that is US only when I live in UK……rather than messing about with proxies.

Ive done a search but cant find anything now.

User Comment:
The only way I know is by using a VPN.

Overplay does the job pretty well for me.

User Comment:
I’ve used HMA – HideMyAss for a while now, and not had too many problems. One word of warning – if you use the FB Ad Uploader, switch off any VPN before you start, as it logs in to your FB account, and FB sees it as a log in from a foreign country – then you have to jump through loads of hoops to access your account again because their alarm bells start ringing…

The Article Published IN 07-28-2011 08:17 AM

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