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Hey Guys,

Is there an app that can store your passwords and input them into a website etc when you want to log in?

For example, if I’m on the road and I’m trying to log into a traffic source, affiliate network, Prosper etc via Safari on the iPhone.

I’ve been doing research and I see apps that store all of your passwords, but I’m looking for something where it would actually fill in your login/pwd for you.


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better then awesome!

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Yeah, good one. Same one I use. There’s also Roboform.

The thing that sucks about both of them is that they don’t redirect to Safari, which I wish they would.
They have their own makeshift web browsers.

But at least they save your passwords…

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That’s fantastic, thank you guys! I can deal with a proprietary browser if I don’t have to spend half my day typing in passwords

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i am using lastpass…works on pc, mac, iphone, ipad etc…

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1password….it’s worth the small can run it on windows,mac,iphone, android.. i use it daily and i love it!

The Article Published IN 09-25-2011 04:11 AM

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