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Hello I am doing my first campaign in lead impact i have hosted my hostgator landing page.

Would it be advisable to switch hosting?

what recommendations can you suggest for a landing page to show no problems using lead Impact

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That depends on how much traffic hits your landing page will receive. If it’s not that much you are not supposed to have any problem.

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Hit up Beyond hosting man and get one of the Prosper based VPS’s

I ran shared hosting on hostgator for a long time on PPV not realising what it was doing to my campaigns (Im not that hosting savvy haha)

I swapped to Beyond and suddenly I had an extra 20-50% roi

I would swap to Beyond man, especially if you are thinking of running dating, the extra profits far outweighs the initial extra for hosting

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Thanks Klax and thanks maynzie

The Article Published IN 08-24-2011 06:07 PM

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