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If you guys had 750 sq feet of retail space(free rent) to put anything into, what business would you develop?

Busy street, low foot traffic, mid-range income level.

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I’d get some basic fitness equipment, hire a few trainers, and use it as homebase for a little side biz for bootcamps..(all the mommys just have to stay fit ya know).

But, I’m sure you could make a better decisions knowing the demographics and what kinds of businesses are next door and around.

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You have to look around your neighborhood and see what businesses are not available. If there is Starbucks nearby dont waste your time opening a coffee shop. Do your research and figure out what might work for you. Since you said its a busy street but low foot traffic you should put a huge sign on your window(s) which catch the attention of the drivers passing by.

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check into cash type franchises. Those places bank on very little startup capital and don’t require a lot of floor space.

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Originally Posted by Eli

cash type franchises

Are these the payday loan/buy gold for cash type stores?

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yeah Check Into Cash and Cash2Go (there’s a bunch) are like payday loan stores.

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If you don’t want to put too much into fixtures and merchandise and assuming you have some dedicated parking I would do a take and bake pizza store. Very low amount of money to get it started and fairly high margins for the end product. Hard not to make money doing one of those with free rent in a decent location. You won’t make a killing as the idea is to have a dozen of them but some good steady income once up and running.

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