Reuben’s Newbie PPV Campaign

The dark horse of the competition has arrived fashionably late.

The dirty details…
I have 3 email submits for iPads (2 from Neverblue and 1 from A4D).
I’ll be using some affexpert tools (weighted lp rotator and url scraper).
I shall smash $200 on Leadimpact over the next couple of weeks.
I will (attempt) to track with Prosper.

I’ve decided to try out something I haven’t done before (I haven’t done much before) and try to hit a few high volume sites, designing my landers around them. Voting for movies is the tedious task my victims will have to partake in if they want to get their grubby mitts on an iPad.

Day One
– I got straight to the fun stuff and tore IMDb apart with my l33t photoshop skilLz.
– I spent a good hour wrestling with the lp rotator on affexpert tools before I stumbled across a rather useful file named "instructions".
– I cooked weiner schnitzel for dinner and was (probably) subsequently named the "naked chef of my generation" by my flatmates.
– I wrestled some more with my current nemesis (p202)
– I used tijn’s lp offer template because I like some of the features and because I’m a crap coder and because I could only be bothered doing image landing pages.
– Submitted my few (7) targets to LI to await approval.

What I learnt Today
– I dislike mentally wrestling with codes and p202 in general.
– I WANT cpvlab for easier setup.
– A bit about databases.
– My hosting on Hostgator is too crappy for cpvlab. This saddened me.
– I am probably going to fail uni because this is all too much fun.

Here’s my first lander…

4am, BED TIME.

User Comment:
I really like the lander.

Before I used the wiredtree VPS for $44 a month and they have great support. But since Beyond Hosting is on these boards maybe its a better idea to see what they have to offer. Very curious to see how this angle works, good luck!

User Comment:
I’m also looking for some additional hosting services to spread footprints.

At the moment:
Hostgator (1 Blog and some DBs – not much traffic)
HeroHost – special shared hosting Account (like Reseller with WHM – good for 10 bigger Blogs)
Godaddy (not really – wil be dumped soon)

I’ll have a look at VPS at wiredtree and Beyond Hosting…

User Comment:
LOL i love the lander – especially the "neither"

User Comment:
when you say tijn’s lp offer template which one are you talking about?

User Comment:
Ohhh dats maiiii boi!!!!

That lander is looking awfully skaxx! Good luck son!

User Comment:
Thanks guys. Yea I’m liking the sound of Beyondhosting but am gonna try and get some cash flowing before I dedicate to that and cpvlab. Rewards keep me alive.
@jamesruhles I’m talking about this little baby here…Pages-on-Speed

User Comment:
good lander man

User Comment:
Day Two (for me)

I was confident in my lander but it got destroyed.
I had targeted not only but also rottentomatoes and a couple of other movie related sites.
$8 spend lander #1 came out with a measly 2.59% ctr. As expected, drove most of the views but interestingly got a shocking 0.82% ctr.

What I did
Instead of scrapping the idea I decided to change the movies to a couple of trending movies (kinda).
I put together lander #2 and added her into the rotator (which in hindsight was probably pointless seeing as I pulled the plug on lander #1, shot Reuben).
I spent $1 of my adspend on a bagel at Wholly Bagels (what a deal!)
Played around for quite a while trying to work out keyword passthrough in the rotator and learnt quite a bit about links!

If my second lander doesn’t show an increase in ctr, I’m going to
a) go back to the drawing board and design some new style landers
b) try targeting fans of the movies I’m comparing (with my imdb lander and potentially my new landers)
c) if these attempts fail, I’ll accept defeat by the IMDb monster and move on to find some weaker beasts to slay.

For now though, bring forth the new gladiator into the arena!
Introducing the (very similar) lander #2. Good luck my son.

User Comment:
God bless my son!

User Comment:
great looking landers better than any of the awful shit i crank out lol…

possible testing options (crackpot ideas just getting into PPV myself)

maybe try some social proof? XXX people have voted or show a percentage bar under each movie to indicate one is winning etc (gives fans of the other more incentive to vote and boost their fav movie)

could also split test the copy more relevant to the movies example: Which is the most epic quotable comedy? (wedding crashers vs hangover)

User Comment:
Thanks man. Yea I had actually considered social proof but decided I didn’t have room (or maybe I being lazy?). The percentage bar is a cool idea though, might have to slip one in there! Yupp copy testing will have to be on the cards too, will have to give these a shot before I give up on her.

User Comment:
Day Six

Results for LP 2
By changing the movies to current trending ones, I expected my CTR to rise. It did. But not to anything special.
CTR for increased from 0.82% to 3.82%
CTR for landing page in total increased from 2.59% to 3.77%
Spent: $8.77 Conversions: 1 ROI: -84%
Result: I quit.
I decided this angle didn’t show much promise and gave up pretty easily. Call me a quitter.. Fair enough, I have no comeback.

Next, friends and I drove the length of the North Island of NZ.
We partied at a friends 21st. Hard.
We drove back.
We partied. Hard.

Returning home I felt out of pocket after failing campaigns and a mental weekend, so I went searching for gold.
I don’t really know why I took my next steps, I suppose because I wanted a morale boost…
I slapped up a Justin Beiber landing page. (PS, cheers Scotch, used a couple of your ideas!)

Average CTR: 16%
Spent $28.50 testing 4 different offers.
Income $21.90
Loss of $6.60
Only one offer had a positive ROI.

Lesson Learnt
I stopped running this as I think I’m being scrubbed, seeing as the other day I was on about +50% ROI on the same keywords… am I correct?
I learnt a valuable lesson about angles;
Get leads that the advertiser actually wants ——> long term business plan —–> cash monies to get messy at the next 21st on the calender.

Next Steps
I have an idea for a new niche to target and an angle to suit.
This time instead of Beiber boppers, I’ll be going for their mums.
Just to clear up that last sentence, I’m neither a pedophile or a MILF hunter.
I shall return with more details once I whip some shite up!

Help a brother out!
I really hope I haven’t ruined my chances with these iPad offers… Once an advertiser has put a jihad on my ass will they ever revoke it?
If they did ever revoke it, would I first have to battle through some non profitable campaigns in order to show them I have the goods?

User Comment:
dude you keep pumping out landing pages like that you’ll be in the money in no time

User Comment:
Hey man , landing pages look awesome.

The Bieber angle worked better because it appeals to a younger demo.

The reason the one failed is because most visitors are older and aren’t interested / don’t believe in free ipads.

There are a ton of email submits to rotate from diff networks so no worries.

Only thing I would do to this lp is adding sound.

It doesn’t have to be a voice , even some random sound to attract attention will do.

Keep us updated how it goes.

User Comment:
nice work! I’ve started doing PPV this week as well trying to test out a lot of ideas (glad the bars/social proof seemed to work for you I’m still tweaking my landers)

@bbrock32 Since i’m a PPV noob and programing monkey do you know how if i’m able to ad a sound bite to my landers when using the "landing pages on speed" method? Right now i’ve just been testing various image landers.

User Comment:
Wicked work sir, you are definitely getting the hang of it!

User Comment:
Day Nine

My New Niche
I was on the prowl for females around 30yrs. In a totally non-sexist way, I brainstormed (not sure if that’s still a PC word?) what do women do?
Do laundry, cook, clean, … wait, COOK! Women surely look up recipes on the intra-webs. Electronic recipes? …… iPads. Hmmmmmmm.
Here are 3 crappier landing pages I spanked up plus their results. Quantity not quality today!

Contender #1

Spend: $2.66
Clicks: 176
CTR: 3.98% (7 clicks)
Conversions: 0

Contender #2

Spend: $2.97
Clicks: 197
CTR: 1.02% (2 clicks)
Conversions: 0

Contender #3

Spend: $2.67
Clicks: 177
CTR: 0%
Conversions: 0

I was expecting #2 to do better though with a bit of a WTF factor, and the stock remaining bar.

What Did I Learn?
Shit all.

What Next?
Try out variations of lander 1, maybe try some social proof, time constraints etc.
University work…. gahhhh.

User Comment:
My thoughts:
1) Looking at your LPs, it’s not very clear how an interest in recipes and "get a free ipad" are related, as least in the mind of an uninformed consumer. Who really believes that they’re giving away free ipads just because you like recipes? I think you need a better hook…
2) The images in LP1 and LP3 didn’t really register for me when looking at them. It’s like, I’m looking at two indistinct collection of objects, who cares? The viewer has to really pay attention to be like "Oh there’s an ipad compared to something else, and they both relate to cooking."
3) I don’t think the problem you’re pointing out, the use of paper recipes versus the ease of having them all on the ipad, is a big enough problem or controversy for viewers to really have much of an opinion on it. I think you want to find a new angle that people will have a much stronger reaction to.

Something more plausible might be a short survey about their opinions on food controversies: like "Is it okay to slaughter animals for food?" Or even something that just asks them personal preferences questions, since people love talking about themselves. Then you can say "Enter to win a free iPad by taking this short survey", which I think is more believable to a cooking-age woman…

Hope that helps…

User Comment:
Thanks man, great advice!

User Comment:
how did u make those cool buttons?

User Comment:
Haha pretty cheekily actually… I looked up something like "web buttons" on google images, put the ones I liked onto photoshop and just cropped them (as most on there have a few buttons in one image). Then I just put text on top of them. 😛

User Comment:
Day: I’m Not Sure (time zones confuse me)

My CTR for my landing pages was horrible. I took the better performing one and tried to snazz it up a bit with social proof, time constraints and format.
As any of you probably could have guessed, this didn’t work. I pulled the plug after a couple of dollars realising that this wasn’t an instant cure.

What Now?
I’m a couple of days short of the 14 days but my follow along ends here.. University assignments have got the better of me. I’m gonna have to take a break for 1.5 – 2 weeks to get a few big assessments out of the way.

Over these days I’ve played around with a few different niches and different angles, unfortunately I didn’t end up with a profitable campaign but I learnt a shite-load.

What I’ve Learnt
-How to use Prosper
-A lot about tracking links, keyword passthrough etc
-A bit about working with my server, setting up databases etc
-Show the viewer thought provoking/debatable/interesting/relative material that they can FEEL STRONGLY about (which I didn’t do so well)
-Landing pages can be simple asssss
-My current hosting is crappp
-Demographics can be very important if you want to build a long term campaign!! Scrubbing is no fun.
-Polished up the old html skills a bit, though want to learn a lot more
-Also polished up some photoshop skills, a lot to learn too
-Some angles just don’t work. Get over it and pump something else out.
-A lot more that I can’t think of but will definitely help me on my way!

My Future
After getting this real life crap out of the way, I’m looking forward to getting loose on photoshop and setting up some more campaigns.
I’m already halfway through making a quiz landing page which I’d like to try out in the cooking niche (NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH FOR 2 WEEKS EAAHHHHH).
After 2 weeks, I shall invest in a vps and blast out a whole load of campaign ideas in my free time.

Goals: get a profitable campaign! Earn enough to afford CPVlab. Dominate PPV then start playing on other traffic too.

Hope this follow along was slightly insightful (maybe even helpful to at least one person!).
Thanks for the advice and compliments all.


User Comment:
Great Follow Along…….Gonna miss you for the next few weeks.

Now it would be very helpful to all… if the Pro’s in the room offered an analysis of the project. Please provide more than just a "Great Job".

1. what you would have done differently
2. what was good
3. what was not so good
4. what was awful
5. simple improvements
6. etc., etc.

Thanks Reuben for providing a very detailed camp.

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