Running multiple campaigns stresses me out!

Mini Vent:
It’s not like this is new or anything, but my brain feels like it’s on fire sometimes when I’m running campaigns in different verticals, sometimes different traffic sources, different affiliate networks, different countries, different languages, with new translations coming in from, different ad uploaders up, with different ad variations etc…

On the days when I’m not in ‘hustling mode’ (which is rare) i just want puke from out from all these different things going on.

/End rant #lifeasanaffiliatemarketer

User Comment:
Can totally relate, especially when you gotta optimize them all, etc.

Out of curiosity, how many campaigns are we talking about? I know you’ve been in the industry for a while, so wondering really how many people have these days that are experienced…

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lol I hear you and you’re running more campaigns then me so I can imagine! What pisses me off is that it seems like all my campaigns decide to shit the bed all at once for some reason. Like this past couple days I went from around 10 profitable campaigns down to like 3.. the shits just stopped converting! I even tried tried switching out links/networks, still nothing I can’t figure out why. Now I’m scrambling trying to rebuild.. fml

/Appended rant end

User Comment:
Bout to drop some wisdom on ya. This is why you guys need to diversify. Get into the SEO CPS game too. It’ll hold you over with stable income while your CPA traffic takes you on a rollercoaster. Takes a while to get it started, but once you’ve got it you can take a vacation and completely unplug without stopping the cash flow. Let your mind rest, don’t burn out, come back and kill it on CPA. Perhaps I’ll hook up a SEO CPS guide in exchange for a free month (always hustlin). =)

User Comment:
this is a great segue into a question/thread I was going to post about keeping multiple campaigns organized. I’m sure I run many less than the superguys here, but I realized that a barrier to my success may be having too many things going on and not having enough focus on each one. I would love to get some insight from the busy busy full time affiliates on how they keep focus when you have multiple camps in multiple stages.

The Article Published IN 06-14-2011 04:36 AM

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