Running surveys on PPV traffic

Hi Jordan,

Have you tried running survey style offers on PPV traffic? Does it perform well and could you share some tips on increasing conversion rate for survey style landers?

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Hey Ronniet,

Yep, for a lot of my campaigns including the one in my forum section ($150/day campaign) i used survey style landing pages. I’ve tried a ton of different styles and the best converting type is always #4&5 here:!-%28.PSD-HTML-included%29

I think it’s because it’s a simple A & B style survey with a big headline and big call to action. It’s big enough people read it even if they originally planned on closing it. So keep things big for these style landing pages, and use SHOCKING headlines/images. So if your landing page is about Eminem, don’t just use a normal picture of him, but find an outrageous one which will stop people in there tracks.

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Just to add that I am currently running campaign where I am using 4 YES/NO questions on the lander with checkboxes. I am using one of the principles from ‘Ca$vertising’ (book), originally from cialdini, that states that people persuaded to do something if it is consistent with previous decisions or behaviours.

So I ask them 4 questions to ‘qualify’ for a newsletter, and phrased the questions in such a way that they have to answer Yes to each question.

Then I ask them to signup.

Because the questions create a kind of view in their mind, not signing up would go counter to their own perception.

Here is some more:

Works like gangbusters…212% ROI sofar today.

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tijn, would you be so kind to show us your lp?

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