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I just achieve my first profitable FB campaign, earning not much about $88.48. Look like I have reached the limit of demographics. Anyway to scale this campaigns other than changing angles ?

Thank you everyone for helping me to feel the internet monies, it tastes nice.

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create multiple campaigns.

set your budget higher.

Will burn out but milk it while you can. Mix up your ads when you create more campaigns

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well for starters if you reach is so narrow due to interest/like targeting you may want to go here plug in your top keywords and see what google comes back with sometimes this can increase the reach by 3-5x…..sometimes not….either way it works to increase that reach….

also does the offer have a int version? If so scaling to other countries is def a good idea……

but I would do whatever you can to find more reach…..expand out your targeting and test…..

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You need to find a larger audience through new demographic ideas (other sex’s, ages and keywords which may also convert), then move international.

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when scaling or split testing new interest/like targeting, do you create a new campaign or use back existing campaign ? whats the catch behind

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Congrats for first profitable campaign!

hd2010:What type of offer is that, gaming, daily deals?

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it is gaming

The Article Published IN 07-02-2011 06:39 AM

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