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Hi to all you guys into search and display advertising any thoughts on this kind of retargeting never seen it before sounds awesome! wonder if its affiliate friendly

Its basically retargeting search traffic with disply, usualy as most of you know retargeting works with display to display, could see this being really powerful would be interesting to know which display networks they work with.

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Very interesting.

found a techcrunch article about them.…o-display-ads/

Here is how they get their data

How does Chango accomplish this? The startup buys browser cookie data from data exchanges, toolbar companies, and vertical comparison shopping sites. When you click through to a site from a search engine, that site captures the referral data, along with the search terms that brought you there. Sites often resell this data along with identifying cookies. When you show up at a site with Chango ads, it matches the cookie on your browser with what it knows about your search history and tries to serve up relevant display ads.

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We’re running some campaigns now, any form of retargetting requires that you have your creative and landers optimized ahead of time if you want to make it work. I wouldn’t get involved in any form of it if you don’t already have successful display campaigns running already.

A number of networks are not affiliate friendly but there’s ways around everything.

The Article Published IN 06-24-2011 02:02 PM

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