Search strings and wildcards? What’s up..

Hey guys,

When targeting search strings, typically we do this:

But how can we target strings like this, or is it a non issue:…q=keyword+here


or when they’re much longer than that.

Would something like this work…*q=keyword*.*q=keyword

Or is this a non issue at all? I couldn’t find anything in regards to TV or LI on this.

Thanks in advance for your help.

User Comment:
Wildcards don’t work
When your URL string is too long, you can

1. Truncate from the left
2. Truncate from the right
3. Target subsections

I don’t ever target the full search string. I normally just use




Note that if you use Cpvlab (this could be a problem with p202 as well) that if your keyword is tarts with a & that it can bugger up your tracking as it will be seen as an additional URL variable.

Therefore I recommend you don’t target


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