Selling Leads?

I have the product, the software to capture the leads and management tools, but I don’t know where to sell the leads. I have several clients locally, but I’m looking for something national.

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I’ve never done it myself, but i know there’s 3 common options.

1. Selling it to the massive networks that buy leads for multiple niches and them sell them to firms themselves.

2. Selling it to large firms that buy mass leads and do the calling themselves. (I think this is the #1 option, but it’s hard to find the right company). For this you want to find companies out there within your niche that are willing to take on new advertisers such as yourself. They usually have a lot of experience buying leads and have very strict rules you have to follow, but if everything pans out it’s usually a longterm relationship. I do know a lot of the time they’re not looking for new advertisers. I don’t know where to point you for this option because i don’t know any company names or anything, but i think this is the best one.

3. Find the biggest few local firms around and try you best to sell to them. Offering them free leads etc is usually the best way to get them to listen to you.

The Article Published IN 03-09-2011 04:59 AM

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