Semi-Complex Bid Question/Theory

intro.. usually I work with an agency API (CPC-optimized), but now I am learning the normal CPC bidding algorithm.

Lets say I bid .40 and get a .50 CTR… then my click goes down to .20CPC (magically, When Bid is still .40)

Well if I need to scale and let it go for a while, can I set the CPC down to .30? to make sure it wont go over .30?

Also, will this make my .20 CPC stay the same or go down?

Basically I am trying to keep same CPC price (Or up to .30 CPC), but dont want it going past .30 or lower than .17 (for volume).

What are your experiences?


User Comment:
you just set it to your max price you want to pay…..the algo handles the rest……

User Comment:
Ahh okay, so if the CPC is at .20 and I set it to .25 it will stay at .20 until it needs to? great!

Bacon, you always come through..

The Article Published IN 10-01-2011 02:40 AM

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