SEO Guys I Need Your Expertise About A Site I’m

SEO Guys I Need Your Expertise About A Site I’m Building

Hey STM,

I’m building a big web site that is going to contain 60 + Pages, I have 30 currently.

I have the Same CSS rules applying to each html page I’m uploading.

On each HTML page I have links to all of the other pages On my Site.

The thing that Is Really Annoying, is when I discover That I need To Make A Change

to Each and Every Page. So I can’t edit My CSS style sheet to change one peice of

info in the footer or sidebar If I wanted to like in WordPress. for example.

So I guess, Would it be better to Have a CSS Style Sheet With a Static Part On Every

Single Page,

Or to have each separate HTML Page contain links to other pages on the site?

(For SEO purposes)

The thing that is irritating me, is, with the current setup on how my guy coded it, If I want to add a link to the website sitemap in the footer, I have to add it to each Of the 30 + pages soon to be 60 in the footer manually.

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice to fix this type of situation?

Or insight On what steps I should take?

I’m considering having a style sheet created to take care of this problem, that seems

like the most logical thing to do..



User Comment:
maybe i don’t get it but i think you have two issues which are more code related than seo related:

1. you have your css-code (<style>…. </style>) on every single html-page. if you want to change something, you have to change 30+ pages.
2. you have "footer links" on every page (<a href=""…>xyz</a> <a href…). basically the same problem as 1.

please stop reading and goto the next post if this is not the point. 🙂


otherwise continue here:

part 1:
1. make a new file, name it sth like "style.css".
2. copy+paste everything between <style> and </style> into this document
3. upload the document to your root-directory or a subdirectory (maybe "css")
4. include this line in the <head>-section of all your documents: <link href="[include path to your style.css here]" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> and remove the <style>-part in every document.

more info:

part 2:
if your server runs on php:
1. make a new file and name it "links.php".
2. include the code you want to be shown on every page.
3. include the following line: <?php include("links.php"); ?>



good luck!

User Comment:
i think movingshadow did a really good explanation!

Basically think of your website as modular. it’s generally common to separate out your nav and footer into their own independent little packages, and then to call them when you need them on your pages. I think in order to understand it better, think more in terms of web planning and design. If you’re going to continue building large content based websites, it would probably be +ROI to read up on that sort of stuff. You’ll find that it’s really a matter of organization and understanding how code is executed. Or just use wordpress =]

User Comment:

Coding part:

Thanks for the solid explanation, I’m likely to going to divide up the pages into subset groups each with slightly tweaked css sheets, but the same basic concept where the sidebar and footer will essentially be static.

Seo aspect:

I know that linking inner pages together with the proper anchor text please’s search engines.

Example – (Your Credit Score Is important for a few different reasons)

Where the Keyword Credit Score is linked to an inner page about a "credit score" like sending it to "about-your-credit-score.php"

I guess that was the direction my question was taking for the SEO side of things,

In the sense that each sidebar navigation would have links to other pages, using the above concept

but now that I think about it, I think This would not matter because the links would still be there for every single page,

with css as well. I think I Just like circle jerked my own thoughts, wow.

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