Share Your Campaign Progress = You Get Free Account

Share Your Campaign Progress = You Get Free Account (for 3 months)

My friend Besmir from has just joined the forums and he’s an absolute PPV wizard! He’s going to giveaway 3 accounts for 3 months right now! Also he’ll try to help you guys with PPV campaigns in the forums.

Here’s what to do:
1. Make a thread showing a campaign your running or about to run
2. Update us with how it’s going, issues your facing, how you’ve overcome them, etc…
3. Get a account (for 3 months use, $120 value)

Full Description of what offers:…y-tool-others/

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Hey Jordan , thanks for inviting me to the forums man, content looks really solid.

For the members let me introduce myself.
My name is Besmir and I’ve been a full time marketer for quite some time now.
As Jordan said I specialize in PPV and 90% of my income comes from it.

I will try to be as present as I can in the forums and help you with any questions you might have about PPV or coding / automation in general.

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What up Jordan and Besmir and fellow members, my name is Daniel and it’s great to be a part of this forum.

Ok here’s what I been working on today, although it wasn’t too profitable (and not PPV related), but I’m going to reveal every aspect of my campaign here.

Offer: Wizard 101 (EWA pays $1.06/download)
Traffic: FaceBook Ads
Target: Harry Potter Fans [I also tested a Lord of the Rings Angle too, which wasn’t too profitable to keep the ad going.]
Demo: Females 13-21 in U.S.

My target reach was around 3,600,000 so I started with just that.

Ok what I did was chose a Angle to market to a Wizard Game to Harry Potter Fans:
I chose ONE good headline and ONE adcopy for the body and stuck with that first to get things going.

First thing I did was, I went to google and found 100 images of anything Harry potter related.
40 Pics of the shots from the Movie (which 96% denied because of trademark I believe, although I did get a few to slip pass the ad approvers lol),
20 pics of the female actor from Harry Potter (Fluer) – im targeting girls rember… (#2 best)
20 pics of people imitating harry potter, fans wearing glasses, or wizard hats. (#3rd)
20 funny pics of cats, dogs, owls wearing Wizard hats and Glasses. (#1 winner! My biggest converter was a dog wearing glasses and wiz hat – and rotated the image counterclock wise lol)

Here’s a screenshot of my top campaign ad fully revealed:

After testing 100 ads in my first campaign, I paused 90 of them (10,000impressions with CTR below 0.07), and kept the top 10 Converters to use for my next campaigns.

Here the screenshot of my 1st campaign’s initial test:

I then came up with 7 different ad headline variations. I then created 6-7 new campaigns (each campaign had 10 ads in it but different images with same headline) with 10 of my top converting images in each ad. I ended up deleting/pausing 5 campaigns after pathetic Coversions were showing up… In the end I ended up spending too much money because I kept testing too much.

Here’s my FB backoffice(today only):
Heres my EWA payout (subid campaign report):

The Problem:
I lost a ROI simply for the fact that I was maybe bidding too high on the CPC… I bidded a ridiculous 0.70cent on all my CPC ads (I bit only a few cents under the estimated bid) .I did testing a few CPM but got little to no traffic so I paused those. I was testing too much!
At first I was negative on my ROI, then I hit breaking even, then a short-term profit , then as I created more campaigns I ended up going really negative on the ROI.

Now what I am going to do tomorrow is go through those campaigns and re-create the highest converting one with the lowest cpc. As long as the spent cpc is lower than my paid conversions I am a happy camper. When I first started I had about 4-5 solid converters like I just mentioned which turned a small profit at the moment, but plummeted as I went into further testing more headlines. Not too sure what I should have done at the point, I had a few profitable campaigns so I thought the best bet would be to create the top converting images and test new headlines, I guess I tested too much thus loosing ROI dramatically. There is definately a lesson to be learned here.

What should I do to make this campaign more profitable?
Should I try PPV traffic? EWA offered to grant me a TrafficVance refferal.

I’m still learning alot, this was my first Game-offer campaign.
All my other previous trials have been ‘meh’.
I’ve been trying to apply alot of what your shown.

Feel free to go ahead and critique it or rip it apart… I’m not going to get my feelings hurt. I’m here to Make Money.

Any Input would be greatly appreciated… Thanks.

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Too good an offer to refuse! I’ve been trying to crack PPV for a while, so Besmir’s help will be invaluable.

Just have to get the kids off to school and then I’ll be starting off my follow-along.

Edit: Ok, just started a thread here.

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Nice try with Wizard101. I’ve had this profitable for a long time on PPV , until a bunch of people copied my lps and raised prices to the point no one was profitable anymore.

Anyway , I remember I was running it with adsimilis which had a street payout of $1.20 , so if you do volume you can get an additional bump.
That could make a big difference in your ROI if you can get it at $1.40 or $1.50.
Also C2M has this offer on private too. Check with them

Keep us updated how the new tests go.

P.S I would suggest opening a new thread for each follow along campaign to keep things organized

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First of all this is awesome dgeezie, this is how you start a discussion! All the details makes it a lot easier to help you.
The campaign idea overall was really good. Matched wizard offer with wizard keywords, all makes sense. Your setup was right, the diversification in ad images was good, etc…

Why it didn’t profit?
Simply because your ad clicks were too high. As you can see with the yellow highlight on your EWA account, your conversions were above the normal rate.

The only other thing that is really making me question this campaign is you targeting females.

What to do next?
Well you covered the majority of options to make this campaign profitable. I can tell you from experience you need under 5 cent clicks to make most of these browser games profitable, and under 5 cent clicks for the long term. So there’s 2 things i recommend you doing:
1. Increase your CTR! (With new images & new ad titles)
2. Try your campaign with same age/keywords, but with males.
(Try increasing CTR with females campaign first before you move your campaign over to males)

My ideas to increase CTR
– Lots of Hermione! (ones that aren’t from the movie, weird looking images of her)
– Grown up images of Harry & the other guy
– Weird wizard images, real life wizard looking people

(I can pretty much guarantee those images will yield you a much higher CTR! ..but find more similar to the ones above!)

*Make sure to crop those images, to show faces and important features only. Using those images as a whole will get you terrible CTR!
*Try including ‘Hermione’ in the title!

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We’ll get the AffExpert accounts hooked up ASAP

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3 AffExpert accounts went to dgeezie, jroes & nick.
Thanks everyone and keep us updated with your progress.

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Originally Posted by stackman

3 AffExpert accounts went to dgeezie, jroes & nick.
Thanks everyone and keep us updated with your progress.

Damn that was quick, thought it was gonna be at least a week for a decision. "He’s going to giveaway 3 accounts for 3 months right now!" Didn’t really think it would be right now haha. Congrats to the three. Let us know how AffExpert is and if its worth to sign up.

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Heres is my update:

I took your advice Jordan and tried to increase CTR with the images you gave me along with my top 3-4 images.
I used 2 of my top headlines and split/tested them among each of those images targeting. This is was for my female 13-21 demo.

I tried males, although it didnt profit it had a decent CTR. I took my #1 ctr image for previous campaigns for males, and created 2 headlines (2 ads – same pic diff header title)

Here is my overview of the campaigns screenshot:

Here is the inside of the female campaign:

Here is the inside of the male campaign:

Here is my EWA subid report for today:


CTR went up ALOT! however… my CRV was ok… but unfortanely did not turn a profit. Which is akright, this is part of learning. Paused all ads for now. I couldnt get my CPC clicks down to 0.05cents. I’m thinking about ditching the female demo.. and only going with the male… Female CVR: 8 males: 6. But the males only had 2 ads and 1 good image, versus in the female campaign i had 12+ ads. Would you still keep the female campaign?

So what should I do? More images for males? Move onto PPV?

I guess I can find more images for the male demo.

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i would run it longer and lower your bids

User Comment:
Both campaigns are at an approx 50% ROI right?
Males: Spent $12, Made $6
Females: Spent $23, Made $9
*rounded up
– Also i noticed you never lowered your bids below $0.65 cents!

Here’s what i would do in order:
1. Get more images, you gotta get your CTR up a bit higher (otherwise even if your start to profit, it’ll run out quickly). Take whatever the top 3 images are, and get more. Think SHOCKERS, make your images shocking, weird, etc…
2. Run those images with both males and females.
— The goal is to get 0.35% CTR
3. Ditch all ads except your top 4 in both male & female. (If your ad is under 0.25% CTR, definitely drop it too)
4. Drop your bids to the new suggested bid. (just click the bid price and it will tell you newest suggested bid) Run your ads a bit longer, get 100 or so clicks to each
5. Now really drop your bids to about 25% less than the suggested bid
At this point you hopefully should have under 10 cent clicks, and based on your conversion rates above you should be profiting.

– This campaign can definitely profit. You’ve done everything right, and only have 1 thing left to accomplish, which is a 0.35% CTR or greater.
– So get on and and spend 2 hours finding the best images you can that will create HIGH CTR!

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Originally Posted by stackman

Both campaigns are at an approx 50% ROI right?
Males: Spent $12, Made $6
Females: Spent $23, Made $9
*rounded up
– Also i noticed you never lowered your bids below $0.65 cents!

Yes thats correct.

If I drop my bid in my current ads won’t that cause my ads to freeze or not get shown at all?
I heard when you lower facebook bids, facebook doesnt like that and stops showing your ads.

In the meantime, I’m going to get to work on this and update you with some stats.

Got any good ideas for a stronger Title/Header?
Or keep the same one: Play As Harry Potter?
Should I create new campaigns for targeting male & female?
Or should I just change the targeting my current ads?


User Comment:
Alright re-created all the ads to target Male and female 13-21.
Im using a total of 10 images. Took top 3, found 7 alike.
Split testing with 2 headers. Total Ads in this campaign: 20.

I set the cpc bid super low: 0.40cents.

Ill update you with some stats once I get my first 5k impression.

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Great can’t wait to read your further posts, keep em coming

User Comment:
Sounds good dgeezie!

– Facebook only won’t give you impressions if you set your bids too low. I have bids on a campaign at 0.07, and I’m getting 0.04 clicks. The suggested bid by Facebook is 0.09 – 0.11
– You don’t want to lower your bids until you have at least 100 clicks on an ad
– Once you have 100 clicks per ad, lower your bids 10% less than recommend by facebook (on that ad). Once you have 300+ clicks on an ad, lower your clicks to 25% less than suggested by Facebook.
– So currently your bid is 0.40 cents, unless you have over 100 clicks on an ad, your bid should be what Facebook recommends otherwise you risk not seeing impressions.
Hope that made sense

The end point is, once you have a lot of clicks to an ad, you can lower you bids by roughly 25% less than suggested bid price and still see tons of impressions.

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