Short Question about yes/no LP

What do you expert think is the best step with an LP.

Split testing with an LP when you start a campaign?
Or first find out the demo’s, pics CTR and then split test with LP’s

I know it depends a bit on your testing budget, but if the budget wouldn’t be an issue, what do you thing it’s the best?


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I start split testing with an LP + direct link. But you can also talk to your AM and see if they rec. a lander or not.

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I always start split testing with 1 variable at a time. If Budget is not an issue, my flow chart for split testing would be;

50% DL / 50% Landing Page (1,2,3)
Check ROI! Change…

At the same time, I would also be split testing demo, pics and other variables however i would definitely run a decent volume to all variables before making any judgement

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Thanks for the answers!

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NP keep us posted and a case study if you like

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I will.

De campaign will be Amolatina on POF

Att collection and editing pics, building LP’s

Learning how to rotate rotate lp’s/dl

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I still don’t understand how to rotate beteen DL and LP. Englisch is not my first language so the tutorials are a bit difficult to understand. Also I am a PHP noob.

But I just wanted to start! So DL with a subid added on the aff link

I uploaden 50 pics for each of the three age groups. And activated 5, paused the rest.

Until now:

Click : 89
Avg CTR : 0.269
spend: $ 24.99
commission : $ 27

I paused one creative, which had a low CTR and activated another. And we will see what happens today. In the meanwhile I am gonna try to understand the rotating and tracking.

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You just need a rotation script where your traffic is set to first. I use a php one. Then in the rotation script you list the links from your tracking script. That is, DL, LP1, LP2 etc.

I use the free one provided from the guys who supply P202 self hosted script. Just make sure you run it from a fast dedicated server (eg gigenet) or VPN, NOT a (slooooow) shared hosting account.

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So I have beyondhosting now. Also have CPVLAB so split testing will be easy!!

Untill now I only DL to the offer.
In total I have spend: 180 and made 205

I am so happy tracking and analyzing will be so much easier now. Yes it’s possible with subid’s, but….pfff

Image#1 has a low CTR on campaign 1, but a high conversion
Image#2 had a great CTR but low conversion

Image#1 had a high CTR on campaign 2, but a low conversion
etc etc

And with so many pics…I am to lazy to analyse it. So CPV lab will make the job easier I hope!!

When I created the campaign I used the networks Aff links, so I had to rebuild the campaign with the CPVLAB links and they are pending for approval att.

Will update soon!

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Still running the campaign. Conversion is about 10-12%
And I am break-even almost every day
I still target the same demo’s:

Age 31-35, 35-40, 40-45
ads clicked 5-19
login count <50
sessions depth <20

Att the pics with the best CTR have been seen by the most members. So I have to change something…

I did split test with LP and DL, but I don’t have enough clicks/conversions to find out which is better.

I created a new campaign and used the best converting demo, with the best converting pics and target:

login count: between 100-200

All tips are welcome.
CTR of LP is >70%
This is the LP:

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