Should I be rotating my images in POF?

So here’s my situation. I’ve got one offer running in 2 campaigns on POF. 3 of my images/creatives are getting about about a 0.3+ CTR. I am playing around with my
targeting to get better CTR for the overall campaigns, trying not to overlap changes.

Just to get my words right, I’m guessing images and creatives are the same thing in POF.

My question is do I run all 3 images at the same time in both campaigns as I’m testing? Or do I pause some images and rotate through them maybe everyweek so they don’t burn out?

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You can run them at the same time but I’d keep adding other newer images and testing new ad copies. Things tend to lose steam fast on PoF if you don’t keep adding new content.

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You will get a better CTR with different images.

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Make a note of which images do well and always keep details notes/database on your campaign – good and bad. Then when a similar campaign comes up in the future, you can hit it with your previous best stuff. Then try to better it. Always try and better everything you do.

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Yes you should. For more details:…st-a-creative/

The Article Published IN 08-08-2011 06:02 PM

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