Should I drop this Campaign ?

my epc is a low .13 to .15 on 2 cpa networks because most likely im getting scrub otherwise the conversion rates would of at least been in the 20% to 30% range

It’s on a simple email submit with one network paying $1.50 the other paying $1.80. The thing is I have only spent about $160.00 total on the campaign but already seem to be getting scrub. I had a friend test out the email submit and I didn’t get credit for it. I was going to switch out the offer for an address submit that pays out $2.60 but if all submits get scrub that heavily than Im just gonna throw this campaign in the garbage and promote short form lead generation offers instead.

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if it was my campaign i would maybe try some other ads with totally different body text. to see if that effects cvr. if not than i would quit.

Is this a big demo and room to scale? What you could do is "copy" the offer. so make your own email submit with a coreg on the back end. you might get that profitable

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Thanks for the suggestion. I would do that if I knew how too and I know that it would be another new learning curve for me so right now just taking baby steps. But yeah this could be a big demo cause the age group im targeting is 18-20 all males single and or married at a reach of around 600k so this could be scaled.

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ya the thing with email subs and the like is that most work off a db….and a cookie or time based tracking….sooooooo

if that email has been reg’ed in the db in the last 30days or so you wont get credit…all advertisers vary on this….some is 15 days some 30 days….all ck at some point…..but the point is it varies and most networks don’t tell you this….all email stuff scrubs at some level…..and its just apart of the game…..

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Heres a great idea rip the submit page and try and send it along a coreg path

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