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After I read a thread on STM I implemented a retargeting pixel with sitescout and google. I now have a substantial segment (100K +), but haven’t done much with it. I ran one campaign and wasn’t able to generate much volume even though I was bidding into the #1 position.

My question is: Is there going to be other companies that have a substantially larger reach than SS and should I start creating my segment with them instead?

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This is a good question, I started building my audience as well and I don’t want to let all those visits turn into a $10/day retargeting campaign.
When you’re saying you couldn’t generate much volume, what kind of volume are you talking about?

About other retargeting networks – after doing some research I found that CPMAtic and Adbrite provide a retargeting pixel as well and they both have the untarget feature as well among other features. From what I understand both of them have a good reach and together the volume can add up to a substantial amount of traffic.

I also tried implementing AdBuyer’s retargeting pixel but couldn’t figure out how to do it.
Their interface isn’t that intuitive, at least not for me…

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I am having the same problem with sitescouts retargeting pixel, only i have a 500k+ audience from a roughly 2.5 month period, and only get about 20k impressions a day with a generous CPM and freq cap…..

Really ticks me off too because thats $,$$$ that I could be making…….

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I talked to John @ Sitescout today and he said the typical retargeting campaign will only hit between 2% and 5% of users on the list within a daily basis depending on how hight the bids are.

Therefore, if you have a 100,000 users on a list and a freq cap of 1, you should expect to see between 2,000 and 5,000 imps….. pretty non-scalable if you ask me

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