sith005’s PPV Newbie Follow Along Campaign

Ok, so this is my very first look at PPV. I’ve never really given it much attention as I’ve been focusing on one traffic source at a time, until now it’s been Facebook. That being said, this contest is an awesome idea and seems like the perfect chance to get my feet wet.

My niche: iPad e-mail submits
Traffic souce: PPV – Lead impact
Budget : $200
My setup: I’m still on poopy shared hosting at 1and1. I’m in process of getting a BeyondHosting VPS, likely for this contest I’ll be using the shared hosting. I’m working on a lander now, but it’s slow going as I’m no developer, I don’t even play one on TV.
Tracking: P202, looking at Addons for PPV and such. Presently I have the click cost update mod only.
The Networks: EWA and WSM
TOOLS: Affexpert tools (i.e. URL Scraper, Related Keywords, etc; Photoshop and Notepad++ for landers
Done so far: I just joined LeadImpact today. I am working on a lander now, so I haven’t submitted my campaign yet, but plan on doing this tomorrow. I’ll adjust my budget based on the day I get running.

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Good luck dude!

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the Nerdy Affiliate LP CTR mod for 202 is very awesome and essential for PPV tracking on 202.…or-1-5-x-1-6-x
Where I heard about it:…=1587#poststop

And good luck to you!

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Thanks Steezy, I’ll check that mod out right away.

As for the contest, today was almost a complete loss. I have a deadline tomorrow and had two offsite meetings today so my day was 100% consumed by my job (all 18 hours of it so far). I did take a quick break earlier to do some quick research on a couple of possible angles and check out some of the urls, etc. I also got a post in ealier too… In any case, tomorrow I’ll be trying to wrap up more research on the angles and get my LP finished and work on getting the campaign submitted. I had a feeling I probably wouldn’t be getting this bad boy running until tomorrow/Thursday. I knew I was overly optimistic about getting it up today…Such is life.

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Day 3 update (I know it’s day 4, but I didn’t get to this yesterday). During downtime I installed the Nerdy Affiliate LP CTR mod. I realized I needed to modify the top.php to keep my ctr cost update link in there, so all is good for now. I got a couple of fun ideas for angels on this, and I’ve used the URL scraper and keyword generator to find some targets. There are over 1500 urls, so I need to go through and try to find some larger volume (non amazon) ones that I can start with to get my baby toe wet

Also to get rolling faster, I took the 5 LP pack that Stack posted on here and I’m going to use one of those and mod it a bit, add some items. That’s my goal for tonight after work. So when all is said and done, I should have my campaign launched by Saturday. I know that puts me on a week’s worth of data only, but this has been a nightmare work week for me and this is my first ever look at PPV, so it’s taking me a bit.

In any case, the angles I’m looking at are a TV show, a musician, an actor, and a game to start in terms of targeting. For offers, I’ve actually pulled the same or similar offers from EWA, WSM, Peerfly and MaxBounty. I also have some variations within those networks lined up for additional testing if needed.

I’ll post an update at the end of the day.

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Ok, I’m guilty of not updating in 3 days. I’m a shit I know it.

Anyway, I went down to LA to see my family for the first time in 6 months, so I spent some good quality time. I did work on my LP though (God I SUCK at this part…). In any case, I got an LP up, got my funding in, got my keywords up for approval.

I’m rotating 4 offers, the ones from WSM and EWA have exit pops, so for now I have my rotator script showing the MaxBounty one only as it doesn’t have a pop. Once approved I’ll open up the other 3 (Peerfly has no pop either).

I’ve only got 54 targets at the moment. I know it may not be a lot, but I’m testing the water. This is my first foray into PPV, and my budget is tight. I want to test smarter not spend a shit ton in one sitting before I know it.

I have a good list of additional keywords and urls to target as I need to. My demographic for this first angle is a bit older. Women in their 20’s (not older) to their 50’s (older) depending. I’m basing it on a TV show and I’ll out it once I get more data.

In any case, I’m rolling, slowly but surely. Excited to see what comes of this!

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Hey Sith…

Good work so far…. you sound alot like me in this contest. I am struggling to put together the landing pages and coming up with a unique angle not to mention the tracking and offer rotation, it all becomes a bit overwhelming.

I will be posting my stats later but I think the smaller the list of targets the better your results. Also, pay attention to time of day as certain demo’s don’t do well during the day!

Keep Posting… I enjoy the read!

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