Software – elance communication type tool? Where can I find

Software – elance communication type tool? Where can I find it?

I am looking for a type of software that I can host online, and not have to start from scratch with a developer.

Basically, if you have ever used , you start a job, you can attach files, post messages, and your designer can post them back with an updated file. I want a communication tool like this where it’s easy to manage a workflow / project outside of email. Anyone know of a place to look for something like this that I can build on? It would have to be a private service and not from a company that is selling this type of service.

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I use ActiveCollab which is a pretty neat project management script ..

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Thanks for the suggestion, I have checked this out before and definitely worth using. However, I need something that would be proprietary for my individual clients. I know you can buy scripts that have been developed, but thought I would ask if anyone knew of anything. I may just have to get it developed.

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