Some questions about Lively Service

Has anyone tried the $200 US phone number PVAs? If so what is the ad spend on them and do they get popped pretty quickly?

Also, why is it that we are using a product made by a chinese company that’s live 24/7 support can’t speak english very well? I have no aversion to things foreign, but I don’t really want to buy their product if the support (or internal product control labeling) is done poorly. Aren’t there any other programs out there that do the same thing?

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well here is my take on what they offer…..

its risky…..I had good luck for a while…..then it went downhill…..I think FB had a way to find them…..

I have not tested the USA accounts……but as far as any PVA is concerned its $250 to start……my advice is to warm the account up sloooooowly……don’t limit out in the first week…..

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Hmm I bought a couple of PVAs yesterday and they got popped as soon as I tried to advertise on them.

What about FFA 2.3.0? Is it even worth purchasing at this point? The $50 one I mean? I’ve been scouring forums and a lot of people are saying that their accounts are being disabled from using it, but they also might be using it to spam whereas I just need FB accounts to advertise.

The Article Published IN 09-17-2011 03:23 AM

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