Something weird with my new account

I’m just made a new facebook account with a new card (which also has a new number and address) and in the top left corner where it says accounts there are 2 accounts under there in my name with different account numbers.

My current accounts are not in my name so I’m not sure where this other one has come from, I used a new ip for each of my accounts too.

The only thing I can think of is that they have tied a previous banned account which used my real name, but then again how can they link 2 accounts just from the name? There will be multiple people with the same name in the world.

The thing is they are both active, I have submitted ads and have been approved fine – just confused where it has come from.

Maybe something stupid like I pressed a button twice and it just loaded 2 accounts into the one account :S

User Comment:
Never seen this, BUT when i got an account banned a month ago, i got an email sent to an account (email address) that was banned 1.5 years ago. So they seem to connect some accounts based on something..

User Comment:
Was the account banned due to being tied to a previously banned account?

The Article Published IN 09-07-2011 08:35 PM

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