Sourcing Offers Yourself

I’ve been working on an offer last week or so and it happened to get paused at the network that I was running it at and noone else seemed to have it.

I asked a couple of networks if they can get hold of it and they said to leave it with them and they ‘should’ be able to get it for me.

What’s the process usually of going out and sourcing offers, a couple have said they need to find new contacts as theirs doesn’t have that offer in particular so I assume it’s not just contacting the details on the landing page/web site of the offer?

Does anyone have any experience in this?

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the only thing i have done in the past is using to track the source and primary network for a live offer and contacting that network or the owner of the site. Not much help – but maybe its a starter (although not much help if the offer is offline)

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Nice tool, I believe the offer has been taken down so can’t really check that one but will keep the tool in mind in the future.

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Well trade shows and referrals are my number one source to the merchants we do business with but the firebug plugin for firefox has led me back to dozens of merchants we now run direct to. Follow the breadscrumbs of referrers with that and you will either hit the agency of record for the offer or the merchants internal program itself both of which generally lead to much higher payouts if you have the cashflow for the longer payment terms and of course the risk of not seeing the money.

I was having this conversation with a close friend of mine the other day, I do basically 100% of my affiliate stuff direct to merchant and he still uses only networks like ads4dough. He can def afford to finance the cashflow and take the losses but he prefers the option of making a little less and and knowing ads4dough and a couple private networks he runs on will still pay him if the advertiser bails and doesn’t pay the bill.

I had done a quick video on the firebug thing if you want to check it out

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Thanks will check out your video

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