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Hey ive seen alot of people use speeddate as their offer for dating on POF and I was wondering if anyone on the forums has ran this offer before and if it converts good or not and if it still converts good and isnt oversaturated


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Just a tip…..asking a question like this is prob not the best way to go about getting your answer for 3 reasons…..

1) If someone is running this and having success they prob wont tell you

2) Data never lies people do……

3) You will get much better responses from people if you spend like $30-50 or so to test out some creatives/angles and post the follow along…..

use this thread as your guide…-Ads!-(Private)

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Mr bacon always gives out precious advice

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SpeedDate is a great converter, but I don’t know if any networks have the US Male version right now.

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yea understood I usually wouldnt ask something like this its just that the 2 networks im in dont have this offer and I asked one if they could get it so I could test it out but I couldnt get a tracking link for it so they can get what they need from it to get the offer. So I was just seeing if it would be worth my time looking around for a tracking link for the offer

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yes,, it is converting

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SpeedDate is still kicking ass for us

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