Split Testing New Ads, New Campaign or Same One?

Hi guys,

I’m running a campaign where I started out just split testing 1 title 1 body and 5 images (was having trouble getting approved so I only submit a fairly good ad). 5 variations total. I also split my campaigns by demographic, between men/women and 5 age ranges from 25 – any age. So a total of 10 initial campaigns.

First question… was splitting up the campaigns from the beginning the right way to go?

From these 10, 2 are now profitable and out of those 10, 2 ads out of the 5 are well out-performing the rest.

So I paused the 8 campaigns that were losing money, and the 2 campaigns that are profitable are still active, but with only the 2 top performing ads (out of the 5 initial ads) active within each.

So second question is, I want to split test more ads now. Would you create the ads within the same campaign, or start an entirely new campaign with the old ads and the new ads that you want to split test?

Also for these campaigns, I got my cpc down to about .30 from .95 so these campaigns are now profitable. I don’t want to mess it up.

Thanks in advance!


The Article Published IN 08-20-2011 06:21 PM

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