Starting out with im a good sum.. Things I’m

Starting out with im a good sum.. Things I’m working on, feedback appreciated!

I’m starting out affiliate marketing and have saved a fair sum. I’ve previously done some incentive, dating offers and do also have some marketing experience with an ecommerce web site.

Now I’m looking to focus the majority of my time to just im. The ecommerce site is getting tiresome. So it’s time to move on..

I’ve done some Photoshop training courses to better understand the program and perhaps do the web work myself (40 hours or so).

But it seems Photoshop is a beast and there’s a lot to learn. So I decided to hire a dedicated web designer that will it paid weekly/monthly. I thought I’d give that a try..

I’ve also got a programmer working on a picture scraper that would download profile pictures on a dating site. To get better quality pictures..

This is definitely not a bragging post. Just mentioning where I’m currently at. My goal is to be successful marketer on facebook with the dating niche. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


User Comment:
Hey Brian ,

looks like you are already at a good point.

I think you should a follow along campaign so we can help you / give suggestions.

The Article Published IN 06-22-2011 08:57 PM

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