Steezy’s GWP PPV Follow Along Trip

With all this co-reg talk we had lately I signed up to Silverpath and thought I’d try out a GWP path for iPad 2. I pushed some clicks to the normal iPad2 email submits a while back and they didn’t perform for shit so I figured I’d come at it again from a different side. We’ll see if my sneaky suspicion I was getting hosed on those is true or not.

I’m going to use some of the same PPV methods found here with email subs…mostly quiz style landers and branded-looking contest giveaways.

The interesting thing here to me is that I have a vested interest in them making it past the first page, so I care about quality way more than before. I plan to walk the user through the process up front and use all the methods possible to make the offer look as legit as possible.

First lander/campaign going up tomorrow. Did some brainstorming tonight. I may do a side-by-side of a regular email sub at some point like bbrock did to see the contrast in performance.

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Will be following this to see how it goes for sure!

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Keep us updated on this , really interested to see how it performs.

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Launched a branded sweepstakes type campaign today with 3 different landing pages that will rotate and open the offer in a new window. In the copy I made sure to put in the steps and told the person to "complete some offers" after they put in their contact info to qualify for the prize. I don’t want to put my LP up just yet because it will out my entire brain chile pretty much.

I’m unsure of how many clicks to allow before I change things up. If it was a regular email sub I’d give them the requisite $5-10 depending on how things looked. I may be getting ahead of myself assuming that my LPs are the shit though. Also, I plan on getting that $5 popup script. I’m sure it will only help. I wanted to go ahead and get my LPs out there.

I’m really just going to play it by ear as it all unfolds. I am going to try the GWP path in a few different scenarios, so for my own organization and clarity, we’ll call this one ‘Branded campaign 1’.

If anyone has a good suggestion on how I can test in a regular email sub without losing all my tracking info, I’m open to suggestions. I thought the easiest way in would be to add another url to the campaigns section in 202.

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