Steps To Get A New Facebook Account?

I am looking to get one for cloaking, whats the steps to get one?

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From what i remember:

Go here:
– Create and setup a quick ad campaign (doesn’t have to be real)

Once the campaign is set, it will ask you if you have a Facebook account already,

"I do not have a Facebook account"

Then signup with completely new info from any previous accounts you have. (From what i know facebook doesn’t use your IP to see if you have multiple accounts, but thats not a 100% fact — for what its worth i have 3 facebook advertising accounts that i use with the same IP and i’ve had one previously banned on that same IP)

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Same credit card stack?

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As of recently 2 CC’s on 2 accounts, and 1 CC on another.

I do it like this.
My safest account = CC1
My somewhat safe account = CC1
My not so safe account = CC2 (I also manage to get away with my last name on this account as being "R" instead of my full last name)
CC =Credit Card

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Good tip about the inital on last name, just done this fine with a new card I used Middle Name + First Initial as my surname just to keep it different, I believe I put in an old address for the card too but it went through fine so at least that’s different. Only thing that will be the same is my IP so let’s hope your right in thinking they won’t catch on.

My main concern was losing my personal facebook profile if I’m honest if I was to get banned but I think i’ll just concentrate on using this new account for advertising now.

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Stack, if you would be banned from the "somewhat safe account" , wouldn’t you also be bannend on your safest account because you have the same creditcard?

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Nice, differentiating as much as possible is the best option. Hopefully they don’t track IPs, from my exp they don’t or they just don’t care i have multiple accounts

Possible, it’s 50/50 depending on if they ban CC’s from there system now or just accounts? I’m currently using a CC that i used on my banned account.

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Right just a quick one I have about multiple accounts. I’ve got my personal facebook account which I have stopped advertising on (just incase anything was to happen I didn’t want to lose access to my own facebook etc) with say card #1 on file.

I have opened up a business account which I am now using with a different card #2 + it pulls the money direct from my business account if the credit card can’t be charged because I have a low ish limit on that cc.

I’m wanting to open another account so that I can get the daily spend up over the next few weeks and also have another account to play with as it seems if I launch more campaigns etc there is a bunch that get most of the traffic although I’m not hitting my daily spend – no idea why.

For the new account I was going to use my paypal account (which also pulls the funds from my business account if there are non in paypal) but the issue I had is that the login for that is the same as my personal email address linked to my personal facebook account. I don’t see myself getting banned as I haven’t been doing anything against TOS etc but you never know it might be facebooks time of the month at some point and go on a huge banning spree

The question I had would they be linked together do you think having the email in both – I’m not sure if it’s true but if you add paypal address’ into the account can you use those as logins? I haven’t really tried it yet but will when I get back to the computer.


I actually remembered the password for my paypal and tried to login with another email under that account and it logged in fine – am I right in thinking it would be ok to make payments then from that email? From there I could just make a new email up from the domain I will be using for my campaigns and link that to my paypal to keep everything seperate bar the IP which as I read doesn’t seem to be tracked anyway.

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So just to make sure i read that correctly, you’d be using 2 different email address attached to the same paypal account?
Account 1 = emailABC
Account 2 = your paypal email which is also emailABC
so you’d be making a new email, ie: emailXYZ and attaching it to your paypal account, then creating a new fbaccount using that email address ‘XYZ’

If that’s it then i think that should be fine since facebook won’t have access to see other email address on your paypal, but i’m not a 100% sure. If your using the same paypal account by using 2 diff email addresses, then i wouldn’t recommend it.

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its like this at the moment:

personal = not using for advertising no more but the login for it is email1
account 1 = credit card/bank account
account 2 (which i will be making) = paypal but my default paypal login is email1 which is also linked to my personal (being the login), I was just wondering if it sends payments ok if I use another email address linked to my paypal so that i’d been using email2 as the paypal payment address for this account.

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Yep, i think that should be fine, like i said above it don’t think facebook can link your email address to another email address on your paypal account. I could be wrong though, may be worth giving paypal a quick call

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Good stuff, yeah I might double check with them but to be honest I think I’m just being over cautious because I really don’t see it getting banned in the first place as I’ve been running a couple of tests on my current account and they get through first time 99.99% and isn’t doing anything against TOS.

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Once your advertiser account gets banned, is your main facebook account also banned?

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@rich yeah your fine then. I get things disapproved all the time and have only had 1 account banned.
Also i think the paypal account method you have with 2 emails and only 1 fb account actually using paypal is good even if your were to ever to have an account banned

@ppvnewbie nope, well atleast mine was a year and a bit ago

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