Stop FB Campaigns – Do You Pause Or Set Ads

Stop FB Campaigns – Do You Pause Or Set Ads To .01?

What do you guys find work better? I usually pause the campaign when conversions are bad during off hours but some say setting your ad budget to .01 works best?

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I don’t have any problems pausing campaigns.

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I think we discussed this in another thread and if I remember right people tend to lower their daily budget either to $1/$2/$3 bucks a day rather then pausing the campaign.

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Yep to both above.

I tend to pause campaigns without issues, but i’ve had issues in the past and it’s a fact pausing can sometimes screw up your campaigns. I wouldn’t worry much about it eitherway if your ads are 100% clean and will always be approved.

It’s more of a concern for ads that have a hard time getting approved again, because then you don’t want to screw anything up with them. In this case i’d set your daily budget for the campaign to approx $5.
$0.1 is a bit to low and might screw something up within the system, i actually don’t even think facebook allows that as a daily budget

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I’ve done both and have no issues getting traffic once I resume.

The Article Published IN 04-06-2011 04:51 PM

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