StumbleUpon Ads Experience?

Im looking for someone with experience of affiliate marketing on the StumbleUpon platform using their paid placements.

Seeing that according to statscounter, SU sends more traffic to US websites then facebook, its something I am keen to check out and maybe do a tutorial on.


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I worked with this SU for two months straight (though it was for a straight-sell product).

I only had one profitable day with them – and was for about $2.

It seemed to have so much potential – but my experience wasn’t good.

I split tested so many versions of my LP to the point where I was getting a 60% CTR to my main sales page, AND people were staying on my salespage for over 4 minutes – and still only a couple conversions that made it nowhere near to breakeven.

I recently tried a CPA offer with them, and it seems the only way to have a chance to be profitable is to DL the offer and get it right in front of them ASAP. Even then, I had one day of profit and the campaign went deep into the red for the next few days – so I stopped it.

There’s just so much potential with SU that I can’t keep myself from leaving it alone.

Think about it – you pick a high traffic category AND you do make a decent ROI from your tests – you could literally scale it to 25,000 visitors a day the next day.

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I’d like to add that you can’t DL with them (it’s against their terms) – and they only (manually) approve unique content sites. So you’ll have to pull the old bait and switch which hasn’t been a problem for me. Just make sure you watch your site reviews and ratings – SU users are really active with it.

P.S. I tried to edit my post and little loading .gif comes up and stays like that. It’s been doing that for the last two days lol

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This should help:…6DDE37252D684A

I’ll PM you the details of my account manager – she was very helpful BUT I never stuck with it for long as I had better campaigns to tend to.

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I’d like to see this, it looks like a lot of potential

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I was looking into this too for selling an actual product but never followed through. For CPA offers I’d think it’d be similar to digg traffic which is quick and pretty internet savvy. Anyone else who’s played with it before?

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