Sudden drought

So I had a campaign motoring along nicely on pof converting at around 28%.
Now, after working to double my CTR the offer is no longer converting. Only 2 conversions today. Just can’t figure it out.

Ideas anyone?

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POF hates you…. just kidding

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That’s a given

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I get the feeling I’m being shaved

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Rotate with different offers or rotate with same offer on different networks.

I’m assuming your demo is broad enough to not of hit saturation already.

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rotate/split test similar offers or the same one from other networks? Could be scrubbing if the demo didn’t convert for the advertiser.
If it was shaving it would have happened right from the beginning, wouldn’t it?

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What other factors, other than scrubbing, causes the same offer to convert differently on different networks?

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@ppc hound just a few off the top of my head

1. tracking platform their on
2. what tracking pixel they are using (img, java, postback, etc)
3. the scrub rate the advertiser has placed on the aff network
4. redirect speed
5. if its brokered or direct

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Thanks for your input. The campaign came back into line after a couple of hours. Ended up with 64 clicks. 10 of which converted.

The Article Published IN 09-28-2011 08:09 PM

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