Sweet Little Animated Loading Gifs – No more hassle

Just found a nifty little …

…hold on

….animated gif loading site with tons ready to customize and use for landers.

Have at it.

It’s amazing what a little search in Google can turn up, huh?

User Comment:
badass! I wonder if one of those loading gifs would increase conversions for people after they click an affiliate link. Just a second or two delay on a page that redirects to the offer. Makes it seem like the computer is preparing personalized results. My next test! Thanks for the resource!

User Comment:
Yeah I’m planning on using them on coreg landers.. and maybe some other stuff. You could really get creative with them. I was doing them by hand before. =(

User Comment:
ive justed them and they work great – same exact site actually.

ill post the landing page later – it was basically 3 "screens" (divs) build into 1 html.

Pop -> user clicks -> "Processing" (with animated gif) -> time delay -> "Congratulations, You Won"

User Comment:
while showing the loading gif for two/three seconds – don’t forget to show a few logos &/or drop a few aditional cookies )

User Comment:
So I hadn’t actually won tjin? Damn!
I was looking forward to that free Ferarri for buying your "How to stop losing your contacts by drilling them and joining them with string" ebook.

User Comment:
here you go:…6487#post26487


User Comment:
Thanks Groomez and Tijn!

The Article Published IN 09-20-2011 04:27 AM

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