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If you are anything like me, you’ve started more things than you have finished.

We’re innately curious about the things around us and inspired when we come across people who have mastered their trade. We see people create cool and beautiful things and think, "Man, that looks easy, if I put in a little time I can do that in no time." What follows is a few days or weeks of focused and dedicated learning. During this time we make some progress, but not much. In fact, the progress that we do make only gets us to a point where we can truly begin to understand the complexities of the task we are undertaking. Things that look so easy as an outsider begin to take on odes of complexity that we never knew existed. We realize that this is actually going to take work to accomplish! It’s at this stage that we usually lose interest and let ourselves get lost in the gap between where we are and where we want to be. Soon after, we stop finding time for our new project and almost forget we ever started.

Fast-forward 1 or 2 years and we realize that if we had simply stuck with it and continued working, we would be that guy that inspired us in the first place! The 2 years that seemed like an eternity when we were just starting out feels – in hindsight – like a small moment in time. Why not just stick with it in the first place? If only it were that easy…

I think this happens to a lot of people – actually, I think it happens to most people. I’ve had this experience with learning instruments, blogging, carpentry, coding, and a host of other things. The main obstacle to following through on projects like these is discipline. Having the discipline to sit down and practice while you could be doing things that come natural and are easy is difficult. Its hard to justify the tradeoff because – as is the case with any skill worth having – the payoff isn’t immediate.

4 weeks ago I began (again) teaching myself Ruby on Rails. I am hoping to avoid the pitfalls of looking too far ahead, knowing that if I do I will fall into the same trap that I have in the past. I am tackling this project 1 day at a time, trying my damnedest to stay disciplined and learn something each day. If anyone has any advice to save me from myself, I’d love to hear it.

This short blog entry reminds us that despite small setbacks and lack of immediate results, perseverance and persistence is what sets the winners apart from the crowd. I’d say most of us on this forum have discipline and think in the long-term, but it can’t hurt to read things like this every now and then.

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Good Stuff, thanks for sharing

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Man, that is so true… I’ve lost count of the things I start that fizzle out after a few hours/days…. yet if I had stuck at just one of those tasks and seen it through, it may well have made huge changes in my life. I’ve had to kick myself recently and remind myself about finding one ad platform and sticking with it till you master it. There’s so much info on this forum, it’s easy to see someone having success elsewhere and jumping on the bandwagon – setting up the account, choosing an offer, searching for some creative ideas.. then slowly the mist clears and you realize you are doing exactly the same thing as you do on every ad platform you use… except now you have another new one to try and get to grips with… then the reality of ‘shouldn’t I stick with the one that I’m getting a little success on and see if I can better that’ – before I just drift off into yet another back office of stats and figures and unknown traffic…

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ya one of the hardest things is to let go of instant results……and work for the long term….its a very tempting thing in IM to jump on the next hot thing or shiny object….

most who I have known to be successful have just sucked up the good with the bad and plugged along…

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