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Something I think would be useful is a place to get as much info about taking the next step when you have found a successful campaign (maybe?) is trying to cut out the middle man.

I know there are pros and cons but I’m a bit clueless where I would actually start.

Say for example I push a random dating offer getting $x.xx per lead, I would assume the first step is to contact said company and try to find out more information about their internal affiliate program. Things like terms, payout, quality issues come off the top of my head.

The reason I’m writing this is I was trying to find out some information about an offer I’m pushing and did contact their support email about a week ago. Not heard anything back, would the next step maybe get whois information of their domain and try contact through that information?


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Usually if your doing mega numbers for a while the advertiser will contact you. It’s a lot of work to setup and payments aren’t nearly as fast as they are with you aff network. If your really keen on doing it, get a hold of anyone from the company, if your doing big numbers they won’t care how you contacted them.

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