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Ok so I was wondering how this works because I am not so sure I understand it completely.

If you target tightly, and bid high, why is that different than targeting tightly and bidding low? Why is the quality of traffic worse?

For example, if you target Login Count < 50, Session Depth < 25, Ads clicked 0-4, 5-19 and then you bid $1. And in another campaign you do the same targeting but bid .5.

The impressions you get will all be targeted the same, so you will get people with the criteria you targeted regardless of the bid right, maybe not in the same volume, but why is there (is there?) a discrepancy in quality?

Edit: Is it that people that are bidding higher will get their ads to those people in the given targeting first? If that is the case, if you bid low, why do you get impressions early in the day anyway, are the impressions you getting in the lower end of the targeting, for instance, you will get people with 30 and up login counts or session depths of 22 and up? Seems like minute details that I’m worrying about, but I was just curious.

User Comment:
Higher bids get first priority. Hence, if I bid higher than you, and we have the same targeting, they see my ad before they ever see yours. Which means that if you bid low, by the time they see your ad, they may already have seen better ads, or seen similar ads, or could be just burnt out on the advertising on the site in general.

So yeah, as per your edit, that’s exactly how it works.

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Dont forget that the highest bid has the highest priority on having their budget filled. So the higher bid will increase your volume for that given demo because you are getting the top allotment of the available impressions. (somebody correct me if i’m wrong but that’s how i’ve understood it so far)

User Comment:
If I understand it correctly, this is also true. So higher bid = better quality traffic and more of it. That’s a no brainer in my book.

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