Targetting INTL Countries on FB

I’m starting to branch out and trying international traffic out in the hunt for some cheap ass clicks… huge epc’s… and a nice lambo next next 😛

Anyways joking aside I was wondering if there is any advice on title length for facebook – the problem is when translating it into other languages the length often becomes a fair bit longer.

I know the answer will probably be to reword it so its shorter but you never know if you dont ask.

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Haha, your definitely doing this right. Everything your running into I’ve ran into the exact same situations.

First of all use, just in case your not already!

So yep, some languages can really triple the length of your english headlines. The only thing to do is reword them, spend a few min on google translator and you can find some good ideas for rewording, then just submit 5 – 10 headlines to and have them translate all of them… then just use the one that fits best.

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Nice one will do, I was using google translate for the mean time just to test but I will get some done properly. I was about to launch the campaign as it’s been approved but just did a last minute double check and the display url is totally unrelated – I guess I forgot that they cant see the actual url I was promoting due to geo issues..

I’m wondering how the hell it went through ok – talk about unrelated images lol…

Resubmit and another wait I guess


I’ve just grabbed the actual url of the page you land on and put that in my prosper and started submitting again.. they got instantly approved but when I check the ad it’s still showing the other unrelated url :S I clicked through on the ad link too to double check and it just sends me to the right page, do they have a cache or something that has identified the same link?

another update

I reuploaded some ads with new sub ids (diff urls) and they seem to be fine, I’ll just switch it out once there all approved and get rocking.

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If you guys need something translated into German, just PM me and will help you out (no I don’t steal your campaigns)

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Just make sure you specify the max number of characters
you want the translators to use on

I’ve had them exceed a few times, but they happily changed
it up for me at my re-request.

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@ ppvnewbie – nice one thanks, are you on the skype chat by any chance? not sure on your real name

@ epicskillz – sounds good, that could also be a massive factor in my campaign as I used google translate so the grammer/actual wording may be way off – I was hopinh that the picture would be sufficient

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@rich: I am grasman on the chat

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lol rich, yeah they have some type of cache it seems I’ve had that happen too.

I’ve always wondered though if the grammer is off by using google translater can that maybe increase the CTR

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Yeah I was going to get somebody to take a look over them and translate them back to me or something to see what the quality is like

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