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I think this traffic source has a ton of potential! It’s not widely known yet and there’s only 50 of us here so it can be something we can all learn together before it gets mauled to death by everyone.

I’ll be trying more PPC campaigns on it soon, and just recently learned they have popunders as well.

It’s all download/warez traffic which is prime traffic for the following offers: downloads, games, mobile & dating.

Main Info:
There’s an initial $200 deposit, you can target by Country, language, user OS, and a lot more. You bid by CPM with an avg CPM of $0.50 (it initially suggest $1.50 though). The stats don’t show your CTR, CPC or Clicks at all, so it’s very hard to optimize. They said they’ll be adding those 3 things in the future though.

User Comment:
As pointed out by someone in another thread, they allow animated GIFs and are very lenient.

Check this one out that I just saw LOL:

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Stack isn’t there more then 50 of us here now? And where are there ads being displayed?

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LOL! I’ll be testing with them again ASAP. You running anything on it yet?

Nope, still 50, well 53 this month. It’s hard to shut it at the exact second it reaches 50. (i keep my word!)
If your going by ‘Active Members: 89’ at the bottom of the forum homepage that’s for the last 55 or 75 days, i forget the number. It has no relation to current members each month

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Any updates on case study for AdServe? I would LOVE to see one through…

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