The Mathematics of Beauty (OkCupid From Jan11)

I was clearing out my Instapaper reading list this morning and came across this awesome post. OkCupid puts out great stuff, and this is one of those gems.

Seeing that they have now been acquired by Match, you might just wanna nip over to their blog and archive the top posts to pdf anyway. A lot can change as a result of an acquisition (as the recently fired skype execs will atest – fired just so that they would not benefit from the 8b buyout).

Some of the findings from the blog post:


So in your dating ads, rather then using an image of a girl that everyone thinks is beautiful or worse, cute, use images that accentuate the differences in opinion.


Cause it looks like men are more responsive to women that they think other men are less interested in.

Accentuate the difference.

Ill go through all the OkCupid posts now and post a summary of other cool one in a separate topic. Dont want this to get lost due to the acquisition.


ps. Sorry forgot to link to the post. Here it is:…ics-of-beauty/

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Have any pictures to show the difference? Kinda hard to find a woman that you may think is beautiful while others think shes ugly… haha

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not sure whether that gets to it, but it shows that 2 women, rated equally on looks (3.3), get vastly different response rates (0.8xavr vs 2.3xavr).

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Correlation does not equal causation.

But… what I think is happening is dudes like girls that look like they get down, and usually its not hte barbie types. The goth/punk/emo/ chix are usually game.

Just my $0.02

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definitely agree with angry russian on this but a lot of those OKCupid studies are gold

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The tagclouds in this post by them:…e-people-like/

is hilarious, somewhat racist, but may help in targeting as well. The great thing they do is also make comments and analyze the infographs, and draw conclusions. While the age-old question of causation vs correlation is still in full effect here, you can definitely see how different races value different things.

I always thought okcupid’s posts were among the standard for very well done research, entertainingly written content that has actual and practical use. Hardly any of their posts are just some idiot’s rants or raves, every one is backed up by their incredibly robust statistics and backend that they made open source

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