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Automatic Daily Link Building – Drippable Blog Comments w. Velocity

Our service is the first automatic scheduled blog commenting service that puts YOU, the user, in full control of your backlinking efforts. We first launched this service at over 3 different threads to much success.

How can I use this?

Lots of our users are linking anything and everything they have including:

1. Money Sites
2. Web 2.0 Sites and Wiki’s
3. Social Bookmarking Profiles
4. Article Marketing Efforts
5. Their DFB and BLG links

Backlink your backlinks and link to all your normal properties as well. Get stuff indexed, get your tier 1 and tier 2 sites stronger, and push velocity to your money sites.

Who is using this?

Most of our users are experienced online marketers that understand the value of gaining links to not only build up link profiles to their sites, but to help index deep links they have built up elsewhere with other services.

They like to set things on a "set and forget" and get their own clients backlinks with a natural backlink profile or work on their own niche sites and spread the links all over for themselves.

Anyone looking to automate their low end links and put some velocity to work for them will enjoy and love this service.

What can I expect?

First of all, Mattseh has coded up this service and if you have ever bought any of his tools, you know they are top notch and highly reviewed. He also had a previous blog commenting service, so he is no newb to the blog commenting industry.

I won’t speak too much of myself, but I have been collecting targets for blog commenting for a while now and have been an Internet marketer for 10 years now as well. The data I put into this system is excellent and grows every day, you won’t be getting your comments on a pool of 136 URLs like you do at other providers.

Once you pay and email us the data, your order will generally be processed same day and links to your reports are sent out when we process your order. Once this step is completed, there is NOTHING else you need to do except check your reports daily.

What are others saying?

Originally Posted by Bofu2U
Will fully vouch for this service and the providers behind it, if I didn’t already have a script to do it for myself (no, I’m not selling it) I would DEFINITELY use this one.

Quality provider with quality services.

Originally Posted by ChrisS
This script (and the developers) gives me a gigantic, denim-ripping erection.

Originally Posted by kidChaos
In before Matt Cutts.

Also, you can’t fuck with eliquid’s data or mattseh’s codebase. You want links? get links, motherfuckerrrrr.

Originally Posted by lukep
I’m just looking for an excuse to send them my money… Surely I’ve got a site around here somewhere that needs some links…

Highly recommended… No one is going to regret sending them the $ quoted above unless they happen to be fools who don’t know good value in the first place.

Originally Posted by jeffm2009
One thing I’d like to point out – I have done a ton of manual blog commenting in the past, and especially in the past few months it has become very difficult to get deep links approved on WP blogs. You guys seem to have no problem with that at all, which is great.

Originally Posted by Grindstone
I’m guessing this refers to me. And yeah, with prices like these, I’ve funneled multiple projects thru these guys while continuing to abuse 3 licenses on multiple servers. It would take way too much time to manipulate the velocity manually that this service provides for the cost they’re charging.

And blog comments not working anymore? You’re doing it wrong.

Originally Posted by Ishmael
if you think about ordering this… JUST DO IT
– great customer service
– cheap prices
– many low OBL blog comments (as far as I can tell after a few days)
– finally drippable comments
– good dofollow/nofollow mix
– daily reports that do not fill up your inbox

will order more of these soon

OK, so what next?

All we need is your payment and also your email address for the reports, along with your URLS and anchors in this spin format:

URL{anchor1anchor2} *URL should include the http:// *

Each URL needs to be on its own line with its anchors in the format above.

We also need your payment
( Please try to include the Paypal transaction ID in your email. )


Velocity Packages with daily reports

1. 15k comments dripped out 60 OR 90 days = $100 Pay Now

2. 22.5k comments dripped out 60 OR 90 days = $150 Pay Now

Once you have paid, send your details including PP transaction number to:
[email protected]

User Comment:
Legit service, and has been for a long time.

User Comment:
Are money sites the way to go for this type of service? Sorry I don’t know much about seo.

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