This a good offer to start with?

Hi everyone,

I’m getting lots of ideas from reading this forum, but after a couple of days I feel I should turns ideas into action. I would like to focus on facebook traffic and try some offers. I read somewhere else here that it’s a good idea for noobs (like me) to start with low paying offers since you can get data ‘cheaper’ on what is working and what isn’t.

Still, it would be quite helpful to me if you shine your light on two offers I’ve selected so far (both at mundomedia, didn’t get accepted into other networks, yet):

Offer 1
zwinky. $3.00/lead (offer at…tration&pg=dlp). network epc= 0.20

What I like: $3.00 seems pretty good for a download, I think I can think of demo + some angles here (girls 13-17 (<13 not allowed) that like fashion, sex in the city style shows, america’s next top model, barbie dolls, gossip, etc..?), angle: be like this or that model, wear designer clothes, what would you look like if you had unlimited money, etc

What I don’t like: the page takes quite a bit of time to load, quite a bit of info to fill in?

Offer 2
Subway gift card. email submit, $1.30 payout, (offer at http://subwaygiftcard.giftcertificat…39/?&ref=35141)

What I like: again, some demographics and angles I can think of: young, working demographic (the ppl i always see at subway), people that try to eat somewhat healthy, angle: something ludicrous about eating huge amounts of food, the world’s biggest sandwich, etc. email submit = easy for people to do?

What I don’t like: I always suffer from looking at offers the way I would look at it ‘come on, there’s got to be a big catch here!’, $1.30 seems a bit low?

So, which one do you think I should go for? Even if you think I should just try both, let me know your thought process!

Thanks for your time!

User Comment:
I think you might want to start with other offers. Like games, dating, Daily deals, education etc. Toolbar downloads and email-submits can get you banned

User Comment:
Oh really? I read the facebooks ads TOS and didn’t think anything was specifically against email submits.. or is it because it could be deemed misleading?
The zwinky offer isn’t actually a download (I registered myself), it’s more like a flash game where you can create an avatar.
Anyway, maybe I should first start a campaign and see if it gets approved (putting in a minimum effort for creatives, then pause), I was just thinking that before I put the effort in you guys might have some suggestions (like email submits getting you banned :P)

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