Those attending ASE Come say hi and chill with other

Those attending ASE Come say hi and chill with other affs, My Affiliate Dinner is where it will be.

I’d like to thank, for sponsoring this event

Pictures from the last one

Come one come all to the 2nd ASE affiliate dinner and the 3rd one overall. I hold these meet ups every Affiliate Summit for affiliates hosted by an affiliate. The affiliate dinner and meetup is where fellow affiliates get together and have some good food, good drinks, and shoot the shit. Last year we had over 250 people come through in a matter of 2 hours. Network owners are welcome as well as affiliate managers. But be respectful of the sponsors. You may hand out business cards but please don’t pitch your company, save that for the show. Truth be told we end up talking about business anyway. It will be open seating but grab a friend grab a drink and grab a table this is french bistro dining.

If you feel like attending please rsvp on facebook here

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Pics not working, i want to see!

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Ahhh, can’t make it, I’m leaving early this time. Next year in Vegas.

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sorry here is a better link for pics

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Me and our gang of Internet Marketing hoodlums will be there!

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awesome sounds good

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Would love to have come, but unfortunately ASE is the same dates as both my wife and daughter’s bdays, so thats why I won’t be able to make it

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