TimTetra’s EDU offer follow-along

So I’ve tried a ton of zip submits so far and failed utterly with LI. I’ve tried all sorts of angles, had custom audios done for each offer, rotated Tjin’s optimized lander in addition with direct iframing, facebook app iframing, and a whole shit-ton of other things without every getting closer than -90% ROI. So I figure I’d start over on a different vertical. I know bbrock had mentioned edu submits can work esp with building a list, and maybe I will eventually do that, but I have yet to see a real tutorial on building a list for maximizing opt-ins, or autoresponder type messages or anything, and the guide up on EWA is just a general overview of the process (run PPV on targeted sites, capture emails, email them), which is pretty obvious… yet the devil is in the details.

Anyway I’m going be running EWA’s scholarshipzone offer over at:….19503&forcelp=

I believe I have the same offer over at PKM and some other networks I have, but for now I’m going to be testing this one. I made a lander that mirror the landing page in look, not sure how it’ll do but I’ve gotten an initial target of 100 high volume university undergraduation/graduate admission pages up and approved in LI. I didn’t think that an insane plethora of jquery seizure flashing and voiceovers asking the user to take action would match free EDU scholarhips, but correct me if I’m wrong (although I know the answer is going to just be just test). Here’s my lander:

Anyway I’ll try to keep this thread updated with my results, hopefully others can chime in, as I’ve yet to have any PPV campaign be profitable in 20+ I’ve ran so far.

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Good stuff man, I was looking for edu follow-along, good luck!

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that girl on the lander freaks me out..

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Originally Posted by vidivo

that girl on the lander freaks me out..

Good! Attention-getting is the name of the game for PPV.

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Threw up a second lander, this time coding the PHP date functions and such into the landing page. Did a preview on affexpert’s LI previewer and some stuff gets cut off halfway through… but not sure if it warrants a redo.

I tried to incorporate what’s needed to apply for the scholarship, the traffic’s not coming in that quickly, so I’m gonna need to find more high traffic targets.

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did you check you landing page in aff expert popup viewer? The popup is 800px in width on lead impact and your lp is 900. you can only see register no from the buttom.

Do you maximize the window after the viewer clicks ?

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Good luck man!

If you don’t have much luck with your current URLs/angle, I would suggest trying to hone in even more on a particular demographic/angle.

There are many hobbies/interests that are found among teens that can be linked directly to education/career paths.

For example, you could target sites for modified cars, which are generally popular among young men, and put together a landing page announcing a special scholarship for automotive training in their state. Target URLs like "".

Find a list of hobbies/interests that can be tied directly to programs of study and scale it that way…Others might include athletics, gaming, music, etc.

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Ya I would def say like the others to decrease the width…..

also just some real basic movement like this…..just a slight movement is all that is needed…..its distracting yet not to much

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone, I’ll see how these run. I made the modifications to the second lander now that I’m home and have dreamweaver (hate editing div sizes etc on vi, which is how I made the rest of the lander) and everything fits pretty nicely. Added in polarbacon’s moving button, and I believe my links were always embedded with target="_blank", so they open in a new tab/window maximized.

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So I’ve tried a ton of zip submits so far and failed utterly with LI. I’ve tried all sorts of angles, had custom audios done for each offer, rotated Tjin’s optimized lander in addition with direct iframing, facebook app iframing, and a whole shit-ton of other things without every getting closer than -90% ROI.

i definitely want to learn from this. were these documented in other threads?

could it be that LI’s traffic is no good for zip? what was the biggest lesson you learned from those tests?


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Hey timtetra,

the landing page looks good but you can still improve it.

My first impression of the page was that there was too much text on it.

You have only a few seconds to catch user’s attention and I doubt anyone would want to read
all that text in a popup.

You need smth to get their attention first and then move them to read your message.

So to do this I would add :

1 ) A hero shot ( picture )

2 ) An alert box to "presell" / get them into the page.

Have a look here how to do it :…-LP-CTR-and-CR

Keep us updated how it goes.

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Hey bbrock32, thanks for the suggestions. I’ve implemented those and worked them into the same lander as before:

I can’t get the geolocation to embed inside the msgbox though. I think because I’m calling it from the body tag onLoad function, and that’s just HTML, not javascript. Have you been able to get that to work?

Also another update: Used scrapebox to collect 1900 more URL’s of universities (affexpert scraper only limits you to 100). Got them approved in LI, traffic is not as fast as I would like, but will analyze at the end of the day to see if I need to go a different route with this.

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Yeah , to print the city in the alert box do this :

$.msgbox("Thank you for your interest in our program.  We are pleased to announce a special offer for residents in" +geoip_region_name(), {
  type : 'info',
  buttons : [
    {type: 'submit', value:'Apply'}

To get more urls use the Affexpert Alexa Category Scraper.

It’s the main tool I use now to collect urls.

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update: Built out a few more campaigns

  • Used Xenu on top ranked Community College in US to grab ~1500 site links from them
  • Traffic from admissions subpages was not that great, used scrapebox to collect ~1800 community college domains, created new lander in LI and approved
  • Going to scrape a large list of all scholarship pages on edu domains

In terms of traffic received so far:

16 of the URL’s have received a clickthrough or more. Most URL’s only have a total of 30-60 views so far, and since I’m bidding 0.015 on each one, I’m still far short of the payout total of $4.45 for each of those URL’s. (Should I start canning some of them sooner?)

I’m at 2293 clicks total for this campaign, with no conversions yet, and maybe 30-40ish total clickthroughs. Most of the URL’s that generated clickthroughs with the exception with one are 10-50% CTR (4 views, 1 click etc).

Not sure what else I can do at this point except scrape more URL’s and let the traffic run till it’s statistically significant. Anyone experienced at this have a good rule of thumb for individual URL scrapping besides payout offer? Thanks!

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I’m pretty new to the PPV game, but for me it worked best to focus on a limited list of targets (10 or less) and try to make those work (ie split test landers on those targets to see what kind of ctr’s are achievable), rather than adding dozens/hundreds of targets. If you’re not getting a lot of traffic, try to find targets with lots of traffic specifically (quantcast etc can be useful for this).

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You should give it some more time for sure.

More data is needed to make a good decision.

Also , I would bid 0.0151 on all urls.

Everyone testing campaigns leaves bids the default (0.015 ).

By raising it by 0.001 the extra spend will be minimal , but you will move positions forward for many keywords and get more traffic.

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Got a conversion off a community college, I’ll let this ride another couple days most likely till I get better data. Btw bbrock, I’m rank 1 for pretty much all my keywords, I wouldn’t get any traffic bonus for bidding .001 would I?

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If you are already 1st no.

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So what’s your appeal hear? That this new scholarship opportunity could get them extra money? You need to tap into their emotions and let them imagine in what ways this could benefit them.

What problems does your demographic likely face? How can you spin this as a solution to their problems?

Informing them that a scholarship is available isn’t going to cut it in my opinion. Good luck bro.

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