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Everyone here should know by now that adding audio to your PPV landers attracts attention and increases CTR. But how can you get sound bytes without having to pay someone (e.g. or record your own voice online (e.g ?

The answer is simple. Use an online Text-To-Speech translator tool, extract the MP3, embed it to your lander and voila! The steps are as follows:


Go to


Download "Live HTTP Headers" addon for Firefox and install it.


Select the "Text-to-speech" icon and type your message. Note: You may need to spell some words out pho-neti-cally as sometimes the words may be jumbled or unintelligible.

You have the option of selecting different languages (perfect for international campaigns in a native speaking tongue) and the voice actor.


Open "Live HTTP Headers", make sure the "Capture" checkbox is checked and then click on the "Say It!" button on the Audiopal website.


As you can see in the screenshot above, you’ll notice the first HTTP header entry has the MP3 link. Copy and paste that link into a new browser window.


The MP3 file should autoplay once you’ve pasted the link into the new window. Go to "File > Save Page As…" to save the MP3 to your hard drive.


There are various way to embed an MP3 to a website, but I’ve seen a lot of PPV landers use the Niftyplayer script. It’s small, lightweight and works perfectly well. If you want the audio player to be hidden on your landing page, you can resize the Flash dimensions to 1×1.

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thanks. this is a great alternative to me standing over my wife like a voice over slavedriver

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What I was doing before was using my iPhone as a voice recorder 😛

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Also forgot to point out that you should test out all the voice actors. Some of them are robotic in tone, but others sound completely natural!

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This is great thanks. NAND I suggest that once you have a profitable campaign you splittesting a couple of different audio’s. Then take the top 3 to fiverr to get some real audio’s made. In my experience real audio performs better then computer generated ones.

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I use for quick and dirty audio tests. There are only two voices and they sound quite robotic but like tijn said, if it works at all for your campaign then you know it is worth paying the $5 or getting the wife / girlfriend / neighbor to do it.

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This is awesome. Thanks pancakes.

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Thanks pancakes.
I tried to save mp3, but the file path was not found on HTTP header output…
Why do you recommend to save mp3? You can just get their html code and put on your LP.

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It still worked for me dpol.

You just need to make sure you scroll down a bit to find the MP3 file, the important part to look for is bolded below:…f56f2411365889.mp3?engine=3&language=1&voice=3&text=bllllag&useUTF8=1

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I got…&sm=2&et=42&ev[0][]=aptts instead

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I tried it 2 days ago and the mp3 link just wont show.

I found this instead:
It uses the same software.

Once done, save it.
Then play it back while capturing with live http headers, and the mp3 link is in there.

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Seems like Voki has issues as well.

Here’s an alternative.

Get a sound recording program. For mac I use this:

Create your message three times. Play it. Go to your sound recorder and record it. You wanna play your message 3 times because there’s a delay between the sound starting, and you actually switching to your recording to record the message.

Go to audacity and trim down your message so it’s one solid one. You can also experiment by adding in different sound effects in the beginning.

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audacity is awesome…..def recommend that….it makes working with sounds wicked easy

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I got audiopal to finally give me the url for the mp3. Took a few tries and reloads of the page.

Then I had to hit cntrl s to save the mp3.

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If you are on a mac you can download this automator workflow I created:

It will create an aiff and mpeg4 file from text you paste in.

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My approach to create audio is to record website voices with audacity as well.

The sound is taken from

You can choose from a variety of speakers from different countries.

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Nice. Great post. I’m going to test this out on one of our opt in funnels…. are you guys just reading the copy from the page and a CTA for the audio?

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Hey guys, was trying to find an easier solution to this today since the link in the original OP doesn’t work.

My method is super simple. Get the DownloadHelper addon for Mozilla. Go to and type in your text. When you play it back you’ll see the DownloadHelper icon spinning. You can then download the audio as an mp3.

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Anyone figure out how to make this broadly work on mobile. As in find out how to make audio work on a wide range of handsets?

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Looks like the HTML5 audio tag is pretty widely supported on most semi-smart phones:

That might well be your best option. Unfortunately, it also appears that getting HTML5 audio to work is a bit of a pig – a lot like HTML5 video, which from past experience is a royal pain in the ass.

I shall add it to the list of things to research!

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Originally Posted by Mr Green

Anyone figure out how to make this broadly work on mobile. As in find out how to make audio work on a wide range of handsets?

We are currently experimenting with this on Android mobiles using the same principle as in this code:

[PHP]<!doctype html>
button {
display: block;
width: 100px;
height: 100px;
<video id="video" src="" width=300 height=150></video>
video = document.getElementById(‘video’),
button = document.getElementById(‘button’),
togglePlay = function() {
if (video.paused) {;
} else {
// this doesn’t work. Android ~4.2 seems to want some sort of user interaction
// before playing a video
setTimeout(function() {; }, 2000);

document.addEventListener(‘click’, function(e){
// this works. Android lets you trigger playback after a single timeout,
// unlike iOS

// … but there is a limit. After a second timeout, videos can’t be
// programmatically triggered anymore


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This thread popping up recently just sparked an amazing idea for me, thanks

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have found a new gem and i think it will be useful.

type your phrase,choose language

open live_http_header

click "play"

search in live_http_header windows for line starting by "…."

copy and paste in firefox ,it will auto dowload the mp3 of phrase .

have fun

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