Tip Clever fb photo trick for your pages

Saw this today which i thought is pretty clever use of facebook.

If your into facebook you will know about the new page design, and that it showcases a couple of your uploaded photo’s at the top.

Now ive seen people do arty farty stuff, but always wondered how to use it for marketing purposes. Ryan shows on his fb page how simple it actually is.

When you click on the icon – it shows a larger image in the standard facebook popup.

The clever part is to actually use that image to get a sales msg across and point to the link which you add to the description.

Here’s Ryan’s page:

How do you do this yourself?

Download this template into photoshop, or import it in your favourite graphics program. I setup a couple of image guides so you know what you need to place where.

User Comment:
That’s a pretty slick idea. Definitely need to take advantage of this one.

The Article Published IN 07-28-2011 01:31 PM

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