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Cool tip C2M showed today on their blog about how to increase your CTR (and possibly CR) on POF with a nifty little image trick. I think the concept will work with more offers other than just FB Apps, so if your already running a campaign I’d throw a couple images like the ones below to split test with!

From Ruck:
"Its all about getting the clicks on POF when you are running Facebook Application offers. Get them from POF to a Facebook App and watch the conversion rates sore! We should know, weve been destroying Facebook Application offers for a couple of years now at C2M. Today, I want to throw out a quick tip (without giving away the farm) on a strategy we have used on POF (and other social sites as well). Its simple too! Everyone knows Facebook, and if they dontwell forget them, they may in fact be partially retarded. Almost everyone has become accustomed to liking things on Facebook right? Well, we all know Dating works on POF Duh! Take a look at the 3 images below and see if you can figure out what I am talking about to help increase click-thrus on Plenty of Fish.
If you cannot figure it out, well, dont ask me any questions. Get creative!"

User Comment:
mmm…they started disapproving all my creatives that has any form of facebook branding. Unfortunately this is not allowed anymore.

It worked very well – ran for 1 month + and profitable across all countries

I think all ad networks are now disapproving facebook graphics in creatives. I had long running banners retro-disapproved for using the ever so effective "like" graphic

User Comment:
really? a like button is branded material? maybe we can change it slightly to be POF compliant? i’d love to hear ben chime in on this one.

User Comment:
exactly my thoughts.

After all, you see the FB "Like" buttons all over the web and its all pointing to Fb Apps. I see no reason why it can’t be used in an ad that points to the application.

User Comment:
PM’ing him to checkout this thread, i’d like to know too. I guess C2M busted this one as soon as they made it public

User Comment:
No can do on this one anymore. Why? Because Markus doesn’t like it and that’s that LOL. We did allow it for a while until someone went overboard and made a banner that was exactly looking like FB (colors, fonts, features) and now it’s a no-go anymore, across the board.

User Comment:
I’m still seeing FB-like banners on AdWords – if you have an AdWords account you can use it there.

User Comment:
Looks like this tip will have to be applied elsewhere! Tons of places to do it with still

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