Tip Find Posts More Easily With Our Prefix Tags

One of the things people have asked us to improve is to make the forum easier to navigate and help you find the posts you need quicker.

We’ve now added a new feature that will make things easier to understand.

When you create a new post, you will see a new dropdown box above the title:

This will help you, when its relevant, to categorise your post. The prefixes will then show up in the latest post views.

Here are the prefixes you can use:

  • Case study: Intended for posts that showcase a campaign, with detailed information about your angle, landing pages, targeting, and results.
  • Follow Along: A post where you document progress with a campaign and get feedback from STM users.
  • Tutorial: A "How to…." tutorial post.
  • Review: A post that reviews a service or product.
  • Webinar: Posts about upcoming webinars.
  • Question: A post with a specific question that you would like an answer to.

Now please dont feel you have to use a prefix for all your posts. Dont do this. Only use the prefix when it is really relevant to your post.

And then in the Advanced Search you can search for all posts with a specific prefix:

You can also search for posts with a specific prefix in any forum – look for the "Thread Display Options" at the bottom.

if your interested in helping out with organising the forum more, feel free to drop me a PM with your thoughts and suggestions

Thanks for your support!


User Comment:
the tag cloud is gonna be a very easy way to sort and find stuff… it will highlight the best threads….

tijin and I are going back over all 1000+ plus threads to get this done…..

User Comment:
I can’t keep up with the developments, they’re so darn quick.

Any volunteers for putting together a weekly summary?! ; )

User Comment:

Originally Posted by billybluehat

Any volunteers for putting together a weekly summary?! ; )

Its on the list! What would be best for everyone – weekly email, or an update on the Wiki, or both?

User Comment:
Yep weekly summary is a keeper!

User Comment:
weekly email! like ppvplaybook does

User Comment:
Cool. MrGreen – lets make this happen. Ill do the first one tomorrow morning covering:

Key posts from the last week
Key posts from the first STM week

That way in a couple of months we will have caught up and covered all weeks

User Comment:
I read every post. I’m happy to help with a summary.

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